How to propagate Princess tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to propagate Princess tree

Princess tree is a kind of light-loving, fast-growing tree species, which has a variety of reproduction methods, including sowing and burying roots for seedling cultivation. Here's a look at Princess Tree propagation methods in detail.

Princess Tree propagation methods

Princess tree sowing propagation method

Princess tree sowing propagation method usually takes place in February or March. Seeds need to be accelerated and disinfected before planting. Put the seeds in warm water at about 35-40℃ for about half an hour, and then put them in warm water at about 15-25℃ for 12-14 hours after cooling. After pulling out the seeds, rinse them with water at about 35℃ 1-2 times a day without turning them over. Generally 3-5 days later, the seeds can be sown after germinating. Or use wet sand germination, about 10-15 days, regular watering, maintain the relative humidity between 90-95%. Sowing and seedling are carried out by the method of drill sowing. After sowing, it is necessary to burn the soil or cover it with a thin layer of grain ash, compacting it properly, and covering it with straw at last.

Princess tree burying roots propagation method

Princess trees can be propagated by burying roots. The roots of more than two years old should be selected, with a thickness of 0.5 to 2 centimeters. If the roots are picked in the spring, they can be buried directly. If the roots are picked in the fall, they can be stored until the following spring. There are two ways to bury the roots directly and peacefully. If the roots are thick, they will be buried directly, and the roots will be buried horizontally. The following are details of burying roots propagation method of Princess Tree.

Princess trees can propagate by burying their roots. Roots that need to be buried for more than two years are best. The root thickness of 0.5 to 2 cm is the best. Seedling roots that remain in the soil can also be cut directly from the roots of buried seedlings, as long as the length is not too short.

In the spring, the roots can be buried directly in the soil. In the fall, the roots can be stored and buried until the next spring. The best time is March, when the soil has gradually thawed and the climate is gradually rising, which is a good time to bury the roots.

If the strips are too long and thick, cut them a little shorter, about 10 centimeters. Then, different burying methods should be carried out according to the thickness of the roots. If the roots are thick, they should be buried straight up, with the big heads up, into the soil. If the roots are small, they can be buried flat.

To bury the root straight, dig a small hole in the place where the root is buried. If it's dry land, you'll need a mound. Flat roots can be buried without having to cut into small segments. Flat buried roots to open trenches, along the trench will be fine roots buried in the soil, covering soil 1 to 2 centimeters can be compacted.

Princess Tree propagation methods