How to Propagate Petunias

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Propagate Petunias

Many people like Japanese morning glory, but people living in the city can only look at her, because her climbing character is really not suitable for most people to plant and cultivate. However, through our intelligent human mind, we have cultivated a new Japanese morning glory----Petunias through science and technology. As a new variety, Petunias is very different from the traditional Japanese morning glory in terms of planting and propagation methods. Here is a brief introduction to how to propagate Petunias.

propagate Petunias

Petunias Propagation from Seed   

Petunias are often cultivated as annual. Sowing propagation time of Petunias  depends on the time of market. Sowing propagation time of Petunias should also be adjusted according to different varieties. The seeds of Petunias were small, 9000 ~ 10000 seeds per gram, and the suitable temperature for germination was 20 ~ 22℃. The seeds were sown in an indoor pot, and the mixed culture soil, leaf rot soil and fine sand was used in high temperature disinfection. After sowing propagation, you do not need to cover the soil, light pressure that is, about 10 days or so germination. When true leaves appeared, the suitable room temperature was 13 ~ 15℃.

Petunias Propagation from Cuttings 

Double flower varieties and large flower varieties can be propagated by cuttings. After flowering, first cut off the branches and leaves to promote the growth of new shoots.

The optimal temperature for cutting propagation of Petunias was 20 ~ 25℃, and the survival rate of cutting propagation of Petunias  was higher.

The cuttings should be robust branches without pests and diseases, which can be cut from the base of the joint, about 10 cm in length, and the cutting mouth should be flat. The upper part of the cuttings can keep 2-3 leaves, leaves too large can be cut off half.

When applying cutting propagation of Petunias, pay attention to the basin soil disinfection, in order to prevent cuttings, easy infection and decay. Cuttage depth of about 1.5 cm, placed in the dim light, pay attention to water to keep wet, in the ground temperature to maintain about 20 degrees Celsius, about two weeks to take root, about 30 days later can be transplanted.


Petunias Tissue Culture Propagation 

Seeds, leaves, and fertilized ovaries from explants are prepared for tissue culture propagation of Petunias. If seeds are used, soak them in a washing powder solution for 5 minutes and rinse with water after removing them. Under aseptic conditions, the first 8 minutes in 75% alcohol, and soaking in 0.1% mercuric chloride solution 7 minutes, remove with sterile water flushing after vaccination in MS (add 6 - benzyl amine adenine 0.5 ~ 1.0 mg/l and naphthalene acetic acid 0.1 mg/l) on the medium of inoculated 15 days a small bud, has returned to the small bud cut the original medium on successive transfer culture, 20 days after 1 small can get more than 10 bud bud. The 1 cm strong sprouts for tissue culture propagation were grafted on 1/2MS medium containing 0.05 ~ 0.2 mg/L naphthalene acetic acid. After 10 days, they were 100% rooting and became complete plantlets. Please read this article to learn about how to care for Petunias after propagating Petunias.


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