How to Grow Petunias

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Grow Petunias

Petunias are very popular domestic flowers that symbolize peace and harmony in the family. In this article, we will introduce you to Petunias home grow method, step by step, so that you have your own beautiful flower ball!

The seeds of Petunias are very small and can in principle be sown using a hole tray. But the blue demon suggests that we do not use acupoint plate, because the acupoint plate is one, if the germination is not neat, it will bring some difficulty to management.

grow Petunias

1. Choose the sowing utensils for growing Petunias

Above I have said, do not recommend everyone to use a cuppoint dish, then what should they use? It is suggested that we prepare a seedling plate with a cover, which is useful when sowing and can keep heat preservation and moisture.

Then prepare some small pot, diameter 6*6 is OK, that is the smallest size. Or you can use a disposable nutrition bowl. You can choose.

2. Choose the sowing medium for growing Petunias

Sowing with soil is actually more exquisite. Some flower friends like to use planting soil or garden soil to sow, although it can also germinate, IT will greatly reduce the germination rate. Sowing soil had better choose loose, breathable, moisturizing, aseptic medium will be better.

Here are two recipes for sowing soil:

Developed peat soil: perlite =7:2 according to the proportion of mixed evenly, as a seeding substrate. The peat soil is a professional soil seeding, the price is more expensive, it is suggested to sow better varieties, more precious flower seeds. For common seeds, peat soil can be replaced by peat soil from Northeast China.

Peat soil with vermiculite moisturizing layer, sowing medium according to the method of the above ① preparation, pot, on the surface of a thin layer of vermiculite as a moisturizing layer.

grow Petunias

3. Growing Petunias seeds

Mix the soil in the basin: before growing Petunias seeds, first of all, mix the soil wet, to hold no water shall prevail. Then put the basin, the surface of the vermiculite moisturizing layer, after the vermiculite should be sprayed to wetten.

(2) Growing Petunias: Petunias seeds are very small. In order to ensure a hole in the grain, you can use a toothpick, dip a little water, and then gently dip Petunias seeds and put them on the soil surface. The pelleted seeds are larger and you can use a small spoon.

(3) After all the seeds are planted, the application of spray can must be mist water, the water flow is too big to wash the seeds away.

4. Management after growing Petunias 

After growing Petunias seeds, place the pot in the tray, cover it, and place it in a warm, bright place. Every day to uncover the cover of ventilation, found that the soil dry should be timely spray water.

After emergence, light should be given in time. Blue demon let you use flowerpots or disposable nutrition pot seeding, is to emergence is not neat, good management, has emerged can be timely to get the place with light maintenance, no seedlings continue to stay in the seedling tray waiting for emergence.

To avoid the use of one hole plate, part of the emergence, part of the emergence of seedlings caused by management difficulties. Read more about caring for Petunias.

grow Petunias

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