How to propagate Peacock Flower

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

How to propagate Peacock Flower

How to propagate Peacock Flower? Sowing and cutting propagation are commonly used to propagate. Both propagation methods are not difficult to operate, but the preparation work must be done well. Now let's see the propagation methods of Peacock Flower.

propagation methods of Peacock Flower

1. Cutting propagation method of Peacock Flower

The cuttings are first taken from the mother of the Peacock Flower, requiring that the cuttings retain three sections. When applying the cutting propagation method of Peacock Flower, flower friends can gently insert the stick into the substrate, taking care not to lose cuttings. Cutting needs to water immediately, then use 1000 times the chlorococcus clear spray, spray every 30 minutes 10 minutes fog, in order to ensure that the leaf is wet, but not water flow.

10 to 14 days after cutting propagation of Peacock Flower, it will take root, root survival rate is more than 98%. When it grows to 10cm, leave 2-3 nodes to pinch off the tip. Each node will produce 3-5 branches, and after 10 weeks the crown will be 30 to 50 cm wide.

Sowing propagation method of Peacock Flower

1. Time for sowing propagation

Peacock flowers are usually sown in late September to early October, when temperatures and humidity are favorable for growth, rooting is accelerated, nutritional requirements are readily met, and survival rates are high. So the sowing propagation method of peacock flower is also to choose a good time.

2. Seed preparation for Peacock Flower propagation

We usually have to prepare the seed before sowing propagation of Peacock Flower, we can take some warm water, soak the seed in it for 12 to 24 hours, until the seed absorbs water and expands. But some seeds germinate more easily, so no more soaking is needed.

3. Sow seeds

For those small seeds that are difficult to add with hands or tools, we can wet the toothpick end with water, stick the seeds one by one on the prepared seedbed, and then cover it with 1 cm thick matrix, and then put the planting pot into the water, and let the water slowly soak up on it. But for the larger seeds, you can just put it in the matrix. After the sowing propagation of Peacock Flower, cover it with a layer of fine soil.

4. Curing after sowing propagation of Peacock Flower

After sowing propagation of the Peacock Flower, we can use a sprayer or some smaller Confucius sprinkler to wet the specific gravity of the substrate, and then as long as the pot soil is dry, we can drench the water again, be careful not to water too much, otherwise it will flush out the seeds. In addition, when the seed has not grown out, it should be properly shaded, and can not let it directly in the sun. After the sowing propagation method of Peacock Flower, always keep the soil moist, can not be long without watering, otherwise it will make the seeds not easy to germinate, as long as these maintenance is done, basically in less than two weeks, the seeds will start to germinate leaves.

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