How to propagate Orchid hybrid

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to propagate Orchid hybrid

Orchid Hybrid is an extremely beautiful and ornamental Orchid. Orchid Hybrid is propagated by tissue culture and plant division. The following are details of Orchid Hybrid propagation methods.

Orchid Hybrid propagation methods.

Plant division propagation method of Orchid Hybrid

Orchid hybrid is an Orchid with multiple stems. When the Orchid plants grow into adults, they will grow seed plants. When the seed plants have pseudobulbs, they can be cut off from the mother plant to propagate. Cut off the pseudobulbs with two buds and plant them directly in the basin with water moss. Keep high air humidity, and soon recover to sprout new buds and grow new roots. Orchid hybrid division propagation is generally carried out after flowering or in spring and autumn, and it is best to divide plants in combination with changing pots before new bud germination in spring.

Tissue culture propagation method of Orchid Hybrid

When we apply tissue culture propagation, select Orchid hybrid base germination of the buds as explants, with 70% alcohol for surface disinfection, sterilization after washed with sterile water, cut into 1 ~ 1.5 mm thick stem tip sheets, inoculation on the preparation of medium, to keep temperature (26 + 2) ℃, light intensity 500 lux, exposure time 16 hours, add 1 mg/l in MS medium 6 - benzyl amino adenine on the medium of the formation of protocorm fastest, within 45 days. The formed procorm was continued to be cultured in the proliferation medium with solid culture. After more than 20 days, buds were formed at the top of the procorm and roots were differentiated in the blastema. About 100 days, the differentiated plants grow 2 ~ 3 leaves, becoming a complete seedling.

Orchid Hybrid is easy to propagate for tissue culture. Generally, seeds, stem tips, flower ears and other vegetative organs are used for propagation. In seed culture, 3 grams of Huabao No. 1, 2 grams of tryptone and 35 grams of sugar were used to prepare the medium for seed germination.The addition of 15% coconut water can promote the germination of seeds. Orchid Hybrid had no Browning in shoot tip culture and flower ear culture. The most suitable medium for shoot tip and flower ear culture was 1/2MS, modified Knudsonc and V&W medium, or seeding mediums, in principle without hormones.

The subculture of the original corn can be used in the same culture with 5% ~ 10% banana juice or 15% ~ 20% coconut juice added. Seedling culture can use the above medium or V&W medium.

Orchid Hybrid propagation methods.