How to Propagate Mulberry Through Seedling

Written by Maggie

Dec 06 2022

How to Propagate Mulberry Through Seedling

Mulberries have been one of my favorite trees for a long time. After a lifetime of generously dropping copious amounts of fruit from the sky, a mulberry tree will leave behind a trunk of beautiful rot resistant wood. The following is the propagation methods of mulberry.


Mulberry sapling propagation methods

1. Planting Methods

Before planting Mulberries, add phosphorus fertilizer and yellow mud water pulp root to improve the survival rate. Sloping fields and semi-arid paddy fields were planted in pinggul, paddy fields were planted in rising-check, and planted according to the above specifications with pull lines. After planting, soil was returned to the green stem, and sufficient root water was doused after planting.

2. Drenching and Drainage

After the drought to timely drench water, waterlogging is timely drainage, found that the lack of seedlings in time to fill.

3. Fertilizing and Weeding

The new shoots grow to 3-4 inch high for the first time fertilizer, manure water + urea 3-5 kg; Grow to 5-6 inches high combined with weeding apply fertilizer for the second time, acre of farm manure 250 to 500kg + compound fertilizer 20kg + urea 10 kg, fertilizer from mulberry seedlings 3 inches away, so as not to burn mulberry seedlings, to make trenches deep apply back to the soil. After applying fertilizer for the second time, it is allowed to spray herbicides such as Herbals in drought-resistant fields once, but not to spray mulberry seedlings. After 20 days, apply fertilizer for the third time, 50kg of bio-organic fertilizer + 20 kg of urea in an acre. Apply the fertilizer after a spraying of dimethoate + dichlorvos, the concentration of a bucket of water with dimethoate 2 cover, dichlorvos 2 cover, do not spray other pesticides, so as to avoid silkworm poisoning.

Propagation Method of Mulberry Branch

In addition to planting mulberry seedlings, mulberry branches can also be used for propagation, in the following ways:

1. Land selection and preparation: Choose fertile soil, not waterlogging drought paddy fields for good, good plough rake flat.

2. Branch selection and planting methods

We should choose the mature Mulberries branch of close root 1 meter or so, planting time would be better when December winter is falling, with shear along with kind, raise survival rate, planting method has vertical method and horizontal method.


Vertical method: The mulberry branch cut into 5 inches (3 -- 4 buds) or so, after opening a good ditch the branches vertical placed (buds up) back to the soil buried branches or a bud, compaction mud, dowsing water, keep 20 days of wet, with a full film cover, to remove the film after the buds.

Horizontal buried strip method: This is a new technology, for no seeds of the most suitable, after leveling the land, according to the specifications to open about 1.5 inches deep trench, and then cut into about 2 feet long branches flat pendulum 2 (2 is to ensure the number of germination) back to the soil about 0.8 inches, after light pressure, water, cover film bud after removing the film.

Interplanting Propagation Methods of Mulberries

After the bud grows 5 inches high, combined with weeding, apply 150 to 200kg of farm manure + 7.5kg of urea per acre. After 20 days, apply again, apply compound fertilizer 30kg + urea 15 kg, after fertilization, carry on deworming.

Live seeding into gardens

This is a new technology for rapid garden development and economic benefits. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Preparation before sowing: Select a good land with loose soil quality and easy to break. After ploughing and breaking, open the drainage ditch, line it according to 2.1-2.4ft width, apply organic fertilizer along the line, turn it evenly with soil, and level the ground.

2. Sowing method: February to March sowing is the most suitable. First we will sow mulberry line 3 inches wide of the soil to break fully enough to fully water, and then along the mulberry line sow mulberry seeds, the sowing amount of 2-3 liang, (every 3 inches sow 3-6 seeds), with mud powder thin cover seeds, finally cover grass and then water.Interplanting soybeans, peanuts, vegetables and other cash crops, (do not leave the mulberry seedlings too close). Interplanting crops can be in the seeding at the same time, and can also be appropriate in advance, striving for harvest in May, so as not to affect the growth of mulberry.

3. Management. After sowing the seedlings, pay attention to water, timely weeding. In order to raise trees, cut trees about 1.5 feet off the ground in winter and keep 6,000 to 7,000 plants per mu (row spacing 2.1 to 2.4 feet, plant spacing 4 to 5 inches). Dig out the excess seedlings and sell them or plant them by themselves, and apply winter fertilizer again.