How to Propagate Mulberry Plant - 3 Simple Methods to Try

Written by Maggie

Dec 06 2022

How to Propagate Mulberry Plant - 3 Simple Methods to Try

Mulberry is a mulberry tree deciduous mulberry mature fruit. Mulberry is one of the fruits that people often eat. Today we will introduce the propagation methods of Mulberry plants.

propagation methods of Mulberry plants

1. Sowing Propagation Method of Mulberry

Sowing mulberries is a natural method of propagation, and artificial planting mulberries is to pick ripe mulberries, and then remove the pulp of the mulberries to leave the seeds. If you have mulberry seeds, you can plant them right away. It's a hot summer day, or you can store the seeds in wet sand and wait until the fall or the next spring.

Now let's talk about how to propagate mulberries by sowing in summer. First of all, we will soak the mature seeds in warm water at 50℃ for 12 hours, which can improve the germination rate of mulberry seeds. The seeds are then mixed in wet sand for storage and watered daily to keep the sand wet.

In about a week, you can see the mulberry seed skin is broken, and then you can sow the mulberry seed. Sow into loose and breathable soil, and then cover the soil, watering to keep the soil moist, basically 10 days will be able to see the mulberry seeds germinated, and so on to 15 centimeters in the seedlings.

2. Grafting Propagation Method of Mulberries

Mulberry grafting propagation will choose the bag grafting propagation method. The first is to prepare the stock, on the stock cut a 45~ 60 degrees of inclined plane for the scion joint. Then choose the mulberry tree without disease and insect pests of the scion, cut it down, and then at the bottom of the oblique cut a knife.

Then, first pinch the stock bevel to separate the cortex and xylem into bags. Select the scion head suitable to the size of the stock, and slowly insert the ear head bevel towards the direction of the stock cortex until it is inserted tightly. The rootstock cortex is not broken, the ear cortex is not wrinkled, and the inserted part is not stained with soil.

After the grafting propagation of mulberries is completed, it is necessary to select fine soil to cover the joint of the scion and stock, and then press the fine soil evenly with your hands to avoid the scion collapsing during the growth process. The fine soil can then be wrapped around with a band to prevent it from falling off.

3. Layered Propagation Method of Mulberries

Layering is also a common method of propagation for mulberry trees. First, we press down the strong branches of the mother plant and then buy the middle part into the soil. The tops of the branches are exposed to the soil, which is then compacted so that it can be watered and fertilized. After the branches have taken root in the soil, we can cut off the mother and plant the new mulberry seedlings in the spring and fall. Let it have a wider space for growth.

propagation methods of Mulberry plants