Attentions for small trees for pots

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Attentions for small trees for pots
Fortune tree is a typical small tree for pots. It has a festive meaning and is loved by everyone, hoping this article can help you with the following related content about the breeding methods of small fortune trees.
 small trees for pots

First, the sunshine of a small tree for pots 

Fortune trees like high temperature, humidity and sunlight, and cannot be shaded for a long time. It should be placed in a sunny place indoors during maintenance and management. When placed, the leaves must face the sun. Otherwise, as the leaves tend to light, the entire branches and leaves will be twisted. In addition, you could use a watering can to spray water on the leaves every 3 to 5 days. This will not only facilitate the progress of photosynthesis, but also make the branches and leaves more beautiful.

Second, watering of a small tree for pots

Watering is an important part of the maintenance management process. If the amount of water is small, the development of its branches and leaves is stagnant; too much water may cause the death of rotten roots; if the amount of water is moderate, the branches and leaves will become hypertrophy. The first principle of watering is to keep wet and not dry, followed by two more and two less, that is, watering more in high temperature seasons in summer and less water in winter; large and medium-sized plants with vigorous growth should be watered more and new plants should be planted. Small plants in pots should be watered less. When the amount of watering is too large, the roots of the plants are easy to rot, causing the leaves to droop, lose their luster, or even fall off. At this point, it should be moved to a cool place immediately, and the amount of watering should be reduced to a minimum. As long as the pot soil is not dry, you'd better spray water on the leaf surface with a watering can several times a day and stop fertilizing water. It will take about 15 to 20 days to slowly come over.

Three, fertilization of a small tree for pots

Fortune trees are fertile flowers and require more fertilizer than other common flowers and trees. When changing pots every year, the proportion of fertile soil can account for 1/3 or even more. The source of fertile soil is wide, and deciduous humus soil of broad-leaved trees can be collected and mixed with a little garden soil, miscellaneous bone powder and bean cake residue. This fertile soil has high potency and is convenient and easy to obtain, but it should be fully decomposed to avoid "burning" the leaves. In addition, during the growth period of the Fortune tree (May to September), every 15 days, a decomposed liquid fertilizer or a mixed flower fertilizer can be applied to promote the deep roots and leaves.

Fourth, temperature and humidity of a small tree for pots

Fortune trees have higher requirements for temperature and humidity. If the temperature is low or the humidity is lacking, the leaves will often fall. In severe cases, the branches will be bare, which not only hinders viewing, but also easily causes plant death. Therefore, care should be taken to maintain a temperature above 15°C during cultivation, and you should spray water on the branches and leaves frequently to increase the necessary humidity. In late autumn and winter, care should be taken to prevent cold and frost protection during the winter.
The newly-introduced Fortune small tree for pots did not need to be changed in pots to prevent the tree shape from getting out of shape. The suitable season for changing pots is spring, or in July and August, you can use the semi-dormant state of plants to change pots during the high temperature period. Fortune trees have strict requirements on pot soil, which should be slightly damp and well drained. Pot soil can be acid sandy loam containing humus.