Nine choices for large trees in pots

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Nine choices for large trees in pots
The common indoor large trees in pots include big tree dill, coconut tree, safe tree, money tree, fortune tree, rich tree, sunflower, podocarpus, black pine, etc.
 large trees in pots

1. Black Pine

Black pine is a type of pine tree and is also suitable for indoor use as a large tree in pots. The trunk of black pine is relatively thick, and the leaves are gathered together in an umbrella shape. Black pine requires high light, and you need to put it in the astigmatic place for curing.

2. Big tree dill

Potted trees can improve the overall viewing effect of the room, so what kind of large trees in pots are suitable for indoors; you can choose a big tree dill. In the same plant height, it is relatively economical; the leaves of the big tree dill are generous, and at the same time it looks very vigorous.

3.Coconut tree

Coconut trees can also be maintained as large trees in pots. They have strong drought resistance and can survive without watering for a month. But its branches grow faster than the price, you need to trim the branches of the coconut tree regularly.

4. Peace tree

The safe tree has a very good meaning. Putting it indoors means that the family is safe, healthy and happy. When maintaining a safe tree, you need to place it in a bright place, not in the dark. Otherwise, the leaves of such large trees in pots will turn yellow.

5. Money tree

Putting the money tree indoors implies that it can bring wealth.  The money tree is a plant that likes sunlight, and it should be placed near the window. The money tree also needs to grow in a ventilated environment to enhance indoor air circulation every day, which can make such large trees in pots breathe better.

6. Fortune tree

The fortune tree means a lot of money, and it is very suitable for indoor or office. The overall plant shape of the Fortune tree is very uniform and symmetrical, and the leaves of this large tree in pots are smooth and shiny, and it can also absorb indoor poisonous gases.

7. Wealth tree

The plant type of large trees in pots is relatively atmospheric, and it can grow to 2 meters high. It needs constant pruning of the rich branches; the rich tree has a great demand for light, and this large tree in pots needs to be exposed to more than 5 hours of light every day, otherwise the leaves of the rich tree will turn yellow and fall off.

8. Sanwei sunflower

The leaves of Sanwei sunflower are needle-pointed, thin and long. The color of these large trees in pots is turquoise. When the sunflower is maintained indoors, it needs to be watered in time, because the sunflower needs more water. it needs to be watered every 3 days.

9. Podocarpus

Podocarpus pine is a relatively common this large tree in pots. Podocarpus pine is usually not large, but the trunk is tall and dense with dense foliage, full of vitality and vitality. When you can keep it indoors, you need to pay attention not to allow water to accumulate in the soil when watering, so as not to rot the roots of Podocarpus pine.
Among these large trees in pots, the big tree has thick and thick leaves. It looks very vibrant. Coconut trees are highly drought-resistant, and you can grow without watering them for a month.