Fast-growing trees for garden

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Fast-growing trees for garden
Many flower lovers want to plant some fast-growing trees in their homes, yards and other places, so that red flowers and green leaves can decorate their lives. Don't be too big, because it will take up too much room. Also, others don't want to plant it every year like grass flowers. It's too much trouble. Above all, you'd better choose fast-growing potted trees
 fast growing trees for garden

Fast-growing Bougainvillea for garden

Bougainvillea is also one of the best bonsai plants. Its main characteristics are colorful, beautiful, and beautiful flowers like colorful butterflies flying on the trees. Bougainvillea grows faster, has diverse varieties, and has strong plant adaptability. It can be made into various styles of bonsai. It likes a warm and humid climate, and likes plenty of light.

Fast-growing Laoya persimmon for garden

Laoya persimmon is also called mountain persimmon. It is a deciduous shrub or small tree. Because its fruit is exquisite and lovely, it gives people a feeling of fruitfulness, so it has become one of the most popular tree species for bonsai lovers. 
Laoya persimmon has the characteristics of dry age, beautiful shape, bright fruit, and longevity. It is increasingly popular among bonsai lovers all over the world, becoming a star tree species in the bonsai world, and its popularity is gradually increasing. 
In terms of daily maintenance, Laoya persimmon is easy to survive, simple maintenance, and strong adaptability to the growth environment, and less pests and diseases.

Fast-growing Wisteria for garden  

Wisteria is a very beautiful vine and wood plant. Its lavender flower spikes hang upside down like a waterfall and overgrown the branches, giving people a mysterious and elegant feeling. When a gust of wind blows, the purple flowers are fragrant, and there are many kinds of amorous feelings. If it is made into a bonsai and placed on a few quaint shelves, it will become a more enjoyable flower plant.
Wisteria is very adaptable. It can grow normally in warm or cold climates and in humid or dry soils. It also grows very fast and has a long life span. It can be planted in deep, fertile and well-drained soil and placed in a sunny place.

Fast-growing Golden bird for garden

The gorse is named after its golden flower resembling a bird with its wings spread out. The gorse has a strange shape, bright colors, small leaves, soft branches, easy to twist and shape, rapid growth, and pruning resistance, so it is a high-quality material for making bonsai. The branches of the golden bird are soft, and it is suitable for the shape of a beard. This tree grows fast, has tight branches, and is extremely resistant to pruning, making it suitable for many bonsai shapes.
Because the golden sparrow's root system is developed and soft and twisted, it can take advantage of the golden sparrow’s advantage to gradually lift the roots to highlight the golden sparrow’s roots, hang the roots and expose its claws, which is very vigorous and strong.