How to grow and care for mulberries in the pot

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to grow and care for mulberries in the pot

Mulberry is one of the fruits that are popular with the public. Not only the flesh is soft and moist, sweet and sour and delicious, but also its role in beauty and health care is not small. In addition to open cultivation, Mulberry can also be potted, so how to grow and care for mulberry in the pots? Let's look together.

care for mulberry in the pots

Growing method of potted mulberry  

Mulberry potted generally chooses to be planted in winter and early spring, the soil temperature had better be stable at about 10-12 ℃.

Before Mulberry pot planting, choose good quality, no diseases and insect pests of mulberry seedlings. Prepare a suitable size container, mulberry pot is best to choose a larger pot. Mulberry trees on the soil requirements are not high, with ordinary relatively loose breathable Garden soil. When we grow and care for mulberry, it is best to add some coarse sand particles or cinder in the soil, conducive to water permeability, to prevent the effect of soil hardening. Before planting mulberry trees, you can add some decayed organic fertilizer to the bottom of the basin as a base fertilizer.

Growing potted mulberry care

It is suitable to place mulberry potted plants in the outdoor balcony and other ventilated and breathable lighting place; Keep the soil moderately moist, dry soil in time to drench water, when it rains in time to drain; Loosening soil and weeding can be beneficial to mulberry root growth. Fertilization adheres to eating more meals, until mulberry seedlings germinate leaves, you can apply 1 feces or urea water fertilizer. When we grow and care for mulberry, according to the specific growth situation, it can be appropriate 1-2 times after fertilization.

Mulberry care for diseases and pests control

Potted mulberry plants may be at risk of mold, leaf spot and root rot. In general, root rot can be avoided by ensuring proper drainage and avoiding excessive watering. When we grow and care for mulberry, don't be alarmed if you encounter an infestation like thrips, white flies or leaf mites, because it's easy to kill them with insecticides because of the small size of the pot plant.

Potted mulberries, if well cared for, will also produce delicious mulberry fruit, so when planting mulberries, the public can master its planting skills, to achieve appreciation and use of double functions.

care for mulberry in the pots