How to propagete Catalpa Bungei

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to propagete Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa Bungei is originally from China. Catalpa bungei has great values of medical and ecological values. Therefore, many people want to grow it. How to propagate Catalpa bungei?Catalpa bungei propagation can use sowing, grafting, etc.. The following are 4 propagation methods of Catalpa Bungei.

Catalpa Bungei

1. Sow propagation methods of Catalpa Bungei

Sowing and propagation is the most common method of propagation. catalpa bungei generally bears seeds after 20 years of growth. After seed collection, Catalpa Bungei should be soaked in warm water at about 30℃ for about 4 hours, and then it can be dried, and then the seeds can be seeded in the soil, and then the seeds can be sprouted with water and moisture.

2. Grafting propagation of Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa Bungei can be grafted and propagated in winter or spring. Scion and rootstock can be prepared. After grafting, plastic rope and hemp rope can be used for binding.

Catalpa Bungei

3. Bury roots propagation of Catalpa Bungei

Root burial is also one of the breeding methods of Catalpa Bungei. The best time is In March, when robust branches of Catalpa Bungei, which are relatively vigorous in growth, can be selected. After that, 12-20 cm lengths can be cut.

4. Flat burial propagation of Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa Bungei can also be propagated by the method of flat burial. The 12 cm long branches can also be cut from the mother plant. Then, they can be placed in the flat soil and covered with a thin layer of soil.

Catalpa Bungei