How to propagate Michelia

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

How to propagate Michelia


Michelia is not suitable for cutting propagation, because it will be hard to root, even if the roots are long, it is hard to grow seeds. Under normal circumstances, the use of propagation is grafting, layering, and can also use a sowing propagation method.The following are these 3 propagation methods of Michelia.

propagation methods of Michelia

Grafting propagation method of Michelia

For Michelia, cutting propagation is not easy to root, you can use yellow orchid as rootstock to carry out grafting operation, the specific grafting propagation methods of Michelia are as follows:

  • 1. To choose more than 5mm magnolia as rootstock, it is necessary to cultivate the rootstock for a period of time before grafting, so that it can grow normally, so as to ensure that the survival probability of grafting propagation of michelia is higher. The next step is to select a branch from Michelia's mother plant, preferably one that is more than a year old and at the bottom that is easy to graft and does not affect the overall beauty.
  • 2. At the bottom of the scion or near the flower pot soil parts choose the smooth place, put some sediment such dirty things clean with wet cloth for grafting propagtion, and then with a knife in a place is diagonally in 1 cm to 1.5 cm in length and width in 3 mm to 5 mm incision, make sure the smoothness of incision, not fluff, had better be one size fits all.
  • 3. Make a cut in the smooth part of Michelia's branches that is the same size as the fresh stock.
  • 4. Put Michelia's branch incision and rootstock incision together, hold tightly with your hand, and then wrap the incision with a piece of plastic film. The idea is to tighten the waist moderately, the purpose is to prevent rain from getting in, otherwise it will affect the healing of the incision.
  • 5. Next is the later daily management work of layering propagation Michelia, mainly is the management of water and fertilizer, especially in summer, in addition to ensuring the moisture of the basin soil, but also to ensure the moisture of the air, but also do a good job of shading.

High pressure propagation method

Before hot summer, select Michelia development good good and had no plant diseases and insect pests of tender branches for high pressure propagation, length of about 1.5 cm to 2 cm, open a crack in the bottom of the pot, and then medicinal bamboo tube set in the above, to fill in cultivating soil, outside to be tied with a rope. We should pay attention to not touch loose, note also need regular watering, bill can take root in May of the second year, at this moment can colonize.

Sowing propagation method of Michelia

There is another way to propagate Michelia, that is to propagate Michelia by sowing. We will pick it down when its seeds are just cracked and put it in the sand so that we can take it out and sow it in the next spring. After sowing propagation for a month, Michelia will sprout. Michelia will grow better sown than grafted.