How to propagate Lesser Bougainvillea

Written by Maggie

Jan 31 2021

How to propagate Lesser Bougainvillea

How to propagate Lesser Bougainvillea? As a flowering plant, Lesser Bougainvillea is easy to propagate. It can be cut after the spring is warm, and the success rate of propagation is particularly high. Let's see how to propagate Lesser Bougainvillea.

propagate Lesser Bougainvillea

Lesser Bougainvillea cutting propagation method

Cuttings preparation for Lesser Bougainvillea cutting propagation

The first thing for lesser bougainvillea cutting propagation is the soil substrate. You can use sandy soil, add some perlite, peat.

Then the flowerpots. Lesser Bougainvillea does not require high flowerpots, simple plastic ones will do.

Finally prepare the cuttings for cutting propagation. Cut off strong branches that have grown lignified or semi-lignified in the current year

Cutting propagation method of Lesser Bougainvillea

When we carry out Lesser bougainvillea cutting propagation, insert the cuttings into the clay block to a depth of about 7-8 cm, exposing the leafy branches.

Pour through the water, cover the entire surface of the pot with a layer of plastic wrap to keep it moist, and place it in a place where scattered light can shine.

Post-management after cutting propagation of Lesser Bougainvillea

The most important thing for Lesser bougainvillea maintenance after cutting propagation is to moisturize and breathe.

Moisturizing is not enough, withered leaves can not, often check, if the mud is dry, leaf wilting, spray some water.

Open the plastic wrap every evening for proper ventilation. It was so hot inside that the branches would become moldy and the plants would almost die.

High pressure propagation method of Lesser Bougainvillea

High pressure propagation, namely high altitude layering propagation.

High pressure propagation method of Lesser Bougainvillea survival rate is high. High pressure out of the root branches, as long as the root system is not injured, cut after transplanting, basically can survive.

After the branches are high pressure, transplant to a new pot, a little pruning, will immediately grow into a healthy beautiful bonsai flower.

First of all, the branches of Lesser Bougainvillea that need high pressure propagation are two inches above the mother's bifurcation, and the ring is cut about 3 mm in width. And clean the outer skin.

Outsource the branches on the fertile wet soil, and then use a plastic bag tied at both ends.

Plastic bags are generally not dry after the loss of water, if the soil is dry, you can use a syringe for water.

After a month or so, you can see a lot of roots growing through the plastic bag, so you can cut them off and transplant them.

In the process of Lesser Bougainvillea high pressure propagation, the pot can be stacked with soil on one side so that the root clumps stand up and the plants grow upright.

The root blob is then covered with soil, compacted and watered, and the Lesser Bougainvillea's high pressure propagation is complete.

propagate Lesser Bougainvillea