How to propagate King Protea

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

How to propagate King Protea

People who love flowers have heard that a symbol of nobility, wealth of flowers called the King Protea, because the King Protea is the national flower of the Republic of South Africa, not only was born rich, but also has very beautiful flowers and long flower period, loved by many flower friends. Many friends are very interested in the propagation method of King Protea but do not have a thorough and detailed understanding. Then, how to propagate King Protea? Let's take a look at the propagation method of King Protea.

King Protea

Sow propagation methods of King Protea

Sowing time

The sowing time of King Protea should be in autumn. Autumn sowing is suitable for the south of our country, but the north can sow in early autumn, while there is still some summer heat.

Sow preparation

The seed of King Protea is enclosed in a prickly nut shell, like a chestnut. The seeds need to be stripped out, otherwise it is not suitable to break the shell. Some gardeners refrigerate the seeds for a while before sowing them, but it is possible to sow them directly.

King Protea seeding soil needs the sandy soil of micro tide, and can apply a little base fertilizer in it.

Seeding of King Protea

King Protea seedlings may take 1-2 months to grow 4-5 true leaves. At this time, it can be transplanted into a pot. The pot soil of seeding need not be too wet, keep a little dry can. After transplanting, seedlings should be kept in a place with sufficient ventilation and light.

King Protea

Cutting propagation of King Protea

Selection of cutting branches of King Protea

King Protea's female parent was selected to cut branches above the semi-lignified position as cuttings, and 4~6 leaves were retained. Soak the base of the cuttings in 1000ppm indole-3-butyric acid solution for 15 minutes and air dry immediately.

Substratum for King Protea

King Protea cutting substrate was mixed with peat and perlite according to the volume ratio of 4:6, pH value was adjusted 5.5~6.5, EC value was less than 0.5.


The cutting depth is 1/3~1/4 of the cutting length.After cutting, conventional techniques were used for management, and field transplanting was carried out after seedling emergence.

Propagating rootstocks maintenance

Whether sowing King Protea propagation or cuttings of King Protea propagation, King Protea likes the pot soil to be wet. We just need to keep the pot soil slightly dry. But we can increase air humidity appropriately, spray water mist to plant surroundings, maintain air humidity to be more than 50% advisable.

King Protea