How to grow and care for King Protea

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to grow and care for King Protea

As for the King Protea, there must be many people who are not very familiar with it. In fact, this dignified atmosphere of the class of the King Protea is the national flower of the Republic of South Africa. After the introduction of our country, it has huge flowers, an enchanting appearance, loved by most flower friends. But how to grow King Protea? And how to care forKing Protea? Here are some tips for growing King Protea.

King Protea

How to grow King Protea

1. Root management of King Protea

King Protea is taproot, and there are not many roots in it. Therefore, it is better to use a direct seeding method. If the root removal method is used, the root will be injured. So even if it is not necessary to remove roots, a more appropriate method is to wait until the seedlings are relatively healthy and healthy before moving the basin.

2. Sowing management of King Protea

Sowing King Protea, the first to select the appropriate culture soil, soil compaction and leveling will be used to spray all the soil. The water then seeps down and the seeds can be dropped into the soil. Plant the seeds in a shallow basin, then cover the surface with soil to cover the seeds. Then cover the soil with a plastic film to keep the soil moist, and place the soil in a 20-degree astigmatism environment.

3. Seedling management of King Protea

When King Protea emerges, remove the covering from the pot so that the shoots can be surrounded by sunlight. When the plants have grown to about three centimeters, they can be transplanted from shallow pots and can then be grown in separate pots, where they would not otherwise survive.

King Protea

How to care for King Protea

1.The soil for King Protea

The planting soil of King Protea needs good drainage performance, especially the seedlings. If the soil is firm, the seedlings will not grow well. Sandy soil is the most suitable for King Protea. In domestic breed aquatics, flowerpot also should choose the pottery basin with a few bigger permeability good sex.

2. Temperature for King Protea

The overwintering temperature of King Protea is generally not lower than 7 ° C, and the summer temperature should be 27 ° C. Individual varieties can withstand low temperature, zero degree Celsius will not frostbite.

3. Light for King Protea

King Protea likes sunny environments, which can be maintained by full sunlight. But in the summer it needs to be cool and dry, when the sun needs appropriate shade.

4. Water for King Protea

King Protea likes a dry environment, watering can be appropriate. Do not have to keep the basin moist soil. But pay attention to the adjustment of air humidity, and we can spray mist around the plant.

5. Fertilization

King Protea does not have a very high requirement for nutrients, and fertilization in spring and autumn can meet the growth requirements.

King Protea