How to grow and care for Sacred fig

Written by Maggie

Oct 09 2021

 How to grow and care for Sacred fig

Sacred fig, a large tree of the Sangaceae family, is a kind of tree full of Buddha nature and wisdom. Its seedlings can be potted and used to decorate living rooms, studies, etc., or planted in courtyards, which adds a sense of mystery, majesty, and holiness to the home. Here are some growing and caring tips for Sacred fig. 

Sacred fig

How to grow Sacred fig


1. Seed collection requirements: Select healthy female plants that are more than 10 years old, and harvest seeds when the fruits are red and black;

2. Seed treatment: Rub the harvested fruit repeatedly, remove the flesh residue and dander, take out the seeds, and sow them after a little drying;

3. Sowing method: Generally uses sand bed spread, slightly compaction with small wood bed surface before seeding, the bed surface leveling. Seed evenly on the bed surface, avoid sowing seeds in small overlap completely. Make each seed are sprinkled on the bed, and then use fine sieve sieve covered a layer of thin soil on the seed, to just cover the seed advisable;

4. Caring after sowing: After sowing, use straw or sunshine net to set up shade to reduce the moisture evaporation of the seedbed and keep the bed moist. At the same time in the sand around, spread to kill ants, such as clear, in case the seeds germinate by ants, mole cricket and other harm;

5. Bud management: sacred fig seeds have no dormant habit. They can germinate and are unearthed in about 10 days after sowing. When the seeds sprout one by one, they uncover all the straw, give proper shade, and water them in the morning and night every day. When the seedling grows to 2 ~ 4cm, it should be transplanted into a nutrition bag with soil (topsoil with high humus content) packed 10cm×12cm in advance for cultivation, and attention should be paid to maintenance. When the seedling grows to 30 ~ 50cm, it can be transplanted.


1. Cuttings selection: In spring or autumn, select 8 ~ 15-year healthy mother plants, select the branches with full axillary buds from the mother plants, and select the semi-lignification part of the cuttings with a length of about 15cm (with a diameter of about 0.5 ~ 0.8cm) for cutting propagation

2. Cutting requirements: The cutting depth should be about 3cm. After cutting, the small bow shed should be built with white plastic;

3. Maintenance after cuttings: Properly shade after cutting, keep ventilation and ventilation, water several times a day to ensure the relative humidity of soil air (regular mist can be used if possible). The cuttings were sprayed with a 0.125 {bf} ~ 0.2 {bf} concentration solution every 7 days to prevent the cuttings from rotting under high temperature and humidity.

4. Transplanting time: 10 days or so can grow roots, generally 20 days can be transplanted, but should pay attention to the soil, so as to improve the survival rate of seedlings.

Sacred fig

How to care for Sacred fig

1. Top pot: Family potted soil can be prepared with garden soil, leaf rot soil and coarse sand in a ratio of 5:3:2. A small amount of cake fertilizer was added as base fertilizer, and the application amount was 1/20 of basin soil. Before planting the bottom of the basin more pad broken tiles to facilitate drainage; The courtyard can be planted with fertile soil, loose slightly acidic sandy loam. Take care not to hurt the root of the seedling when you put the pot on.

2. Watering: When Sacred fig grows the fastest above 20℃, it needs a large amount of water at this time. It should always keep the basin soil moist. In summer, ensure that water supply, but also to spray water foliaceous surface. Gradually reduce watering when the temperature drops in late autumn.

3. Fertilization: Apply thin cake fertilizer water once every 15 days or so. Stop fertilizing in the middle of summer and when the temperature drops below 12℃.

4. Temperature: The suitable temperature for growth is 15 ~ 25℃, but normal growth can be achieved at room temperature above 5℃. When the room temperature is low, the flowering time can be maintained for a long time, but the flowering time is slow. Flowers bloom quickly at higher room temperature, but the flowering period is short.

5. Illumination: The appropriate place is in the place with sufficient illumination such as window, balcony, and often change flower pot position. Sufficient light can make flowers more showy and leaves more lustrous. Although Sacred fig is a shade tolerant plant, for a long time insufficient light, it is easy to make the leaves yellow and fall off.

6. Pruning: Plant pruning can be done in winter to maintain the beautiful shape of the tree.

7. Disease and insect control: Potted plants seldom have diseases and insect pests. In the early stage of the disease, the bordeaux mixture can be sprayed once every 15 days and even sprayed 2-3 times.

Sacred fig
Sacred Fig - one of the best indoor trees