How to propagate Hyacinth

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to propagate Hyacinth

The Hyacinth propagation method has ball-splitting, sowing, and can also use hydroponics propagation. The following sorting out Hyacinth ball-splitting, sowing, hydroponics propagation methods.


1. Ball-splitting propagation method of Hyacinth

Hyacinth ball-splitting propagation time can take place in August. Dig the bulb back, and separate the big ball and the ball. The big ball can blossom in early spring after planting in autumn, and the ball can blossom after cultivating for 3 years. Because Hyacinth natural ball rate is low, generally one year after the mother plant planting can only give birth to 1 ~ 2 ball, in order to improve the coefficient of propagation, can be used in the summer dormant period of castration surgery on the big ball, stimulate it to grow ball.

The method is that, in the flower bud formation in August, the first bulb stem at the bottom of the pan evenly cut part of the stem disc wounds is concave, and then from bottom to top each cut a knife, a cross incision, deep inside the bulb of the bud of heart, then there will be a mucus flow, the application of 0.1% mercuric chloride water disinfection daub, then put in the hot sun exposure 1 ~ 2 hours, and then split the indoors. When the base of the scales expands, the temperature gradually rises to 30℃ and the relative humidity is 85%. Many small bulbs are formed in about three months.The bulbs thus induce bloom in 3 to 4 years of culture.


2. Sowing propagation method of Hyacinth

Hyacinth sowing propagation time in autumn August to September is more suitable. First, choose good seeds. Seeds should be healthy and plump. Hyacinth seeds are directly on the soil and covering the surface of the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

The thickness of the soil is about 1 cm. At the same time, water should be sprinkled to keep wet. The ambient temperature should be controlled at about 20℃, and it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. Generally, the seeds will germinate 1 to 2 weeks after sowing.

3. Hydroponics propagation method of Hyacinth

Hyacinth hydroponics propagation time is in the autumn from October to December. First of all, the ball separated from the Hyacinth bulb can be directly put into the clear water, but the ball should not be directly immersed in the water, only the ball below the contact with the water can be.

After hydroponics, you need to change the water once every 3-5 days, and then wait patiently for the sprouting of the ball. Generally, there will be buds in about 10 days.