How to propagate Gloxinias

Written by Maggie

Jan 30 2021

How to propagate Gloxinias

Gloxinias propagation methods include sowing, bulb splitting, shoot insertion, leaf insertion and bud insertion propagation. The first propagation method is to spread seeds in the soil. The second propagation method is to put the ball in the soil and plant it in a new pot. The third propagation method is to insert the petiole diagonally into the substrate to keep the soil moist. The fourth propagation method waits for its ball to grow a few centimetres before breaking it off and sticking it in the soil. Now, let's see the 5 propagation methods of Gloxinias.

propagation methods of Gloxinias

1. Sowing propagation method of Gloxinias

Sowing propagation method of gloxinias is to select some seeds that grow well and soak them for a day or so. This will help them germinate. But not too much water. Then you need to prepare a pot and fill it with soil. After leveling the soil, sprinkle the seeds over it, moisten the pot with water, cover it with glass, and let it germinate at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius for about 10 days.

2. Bulb splitting propagation method of Gloxinias

The bulbs are required to be two or three years old and to be dormant for the splitting propagation method of Gloxinias. The next step is to bury the bulbs in the soil, then water them thoroughly and put them in a room at 22℃ for germination. When the buds are about 0.5 cm long, the bulbs are dug up and cut into two to four pieces.Note that each block must carry at least one bud. Put each block in a new pot and a new plant will be formed. Bulb splitting propagation method of Gloxinias is done in the autumn.

3. Shoot insertion propagation method of Gloxinias

When we carry out the shoot insertion propagation method of Gloxinias, pick a budding shoot from a bulb about two to three centimeters long and insert it into fine sand or soil. Then put it in a place where there is sunlight but not direct sunlight, and keep the temperature between eighteen and twenty, and the roots will grow in about fifteen days.

4. Leaf insertion propagation method of Gloxinias

When we carry out the leaf insertion propagation method of Gloxinias, leaves need to be strong and over a period of time. Take it off with the petiole, cut off about half of the leaf, put it in the substrate at an incline, keep the soil moist, then cover it with a glass and leave it in a cool place at room temperature of 25 ° C and high humidity, put it in for about 20 days and the roots will grow.

5. Bud insertion propagation method of Gloxinias

Generally in the spring of bud insertion propagation method of Gloxinias, the germination of the new buds of the ball to about 46 centimeters long, and then just grow out of the new buds off, and then inserted in the soil, and maintain the moisture of the soil, if careful care, in the next year in summer will bloom.

propagation methods of Gloxinias