Gloxinias plant care

Written by Maggie

Jan 31 2021

Gloxinias plant care

Gloxinias is a plant with high ornamental value. It mainly takes flowers as its ornamental point, and its flowers are commonly seen in red, pink and purple, etc.. Now let's talk about how to care for Gloxinias.

 care for Gloxinias.

Gloxinias care for leaves withered

If the strong light causes leaves wither, then we need to move it to maintenance under astigmatism, but also timely watering it. Improper soil can replace the soil, water and need to cut off the rotten roots, also need to give the plastic clip during growth, otherwise the leaves are also easy to wither. If suffering diseases and treatment of the disease leaves, spray to the corresponding control. The following are details of Gloxinias care for leaves withered.

1. Lighting care

Gloxinias is a light plant. Normally, it needs to be kept in full sunlight, but in strong sunlight, its leaves will wither. When we care for Gloxinias, the plant must be moved to astigmatism for conservation, never put in the shade.

2. Basin soil care

The best way to deal with gloxinias leaf wilt is if the soil is not suitable and the water is not suitable. When we care for Gloxinias, it is necessary to replace the soil in time for conservation. In each change of soil, the rotting roots should also be disposed of.

3. Trimming care

Gloxinias do not grow rapidly, but if left unpruned for a long period of time, they are prone to malnutrition and wilt. When we care for Gloxinias, they need to be pruned immediately, and the thick foliage should also be pruned to reduce the consumption of nutrients in the soil, so that the plant can start new shoots.

4. Pest control

If Gloxinias suffers from aphids, leaf blight, etc., the leaves of the plant are vulnerable to wilt. When we care for Gloxinias, it is necessary to wash the plant, pruning the infected leaves, and spraying the plant with carbendazim to make the plant grow well.

 care for Gloxinias.

Gloxinias care for ball rot

When Gloxinias appear the phenomenon of bad ball, we need to use water to wash off, after pruning decay part, with the sharp scissors and use carbendazim solution soak 1 hours of time, the last of soil to plant with good ventilation, bulb just into half of the distance, after using a container shall be exposed roots stuffy. The following are Gloxinias care for ball rot.

1. Clean the root system

How to care for Gloxinias ball rot? First dig out the bulbs of Gloxinias from the soil in the basin, and then take a basin of water to clean the root system. The heavily rotted parts will fall directly after being exposed to water, so use water to remove the heavily rotted parts first.

2. Prune rotten roots

After cleaning the Gloxinias roots, a sharp knife can be used to cut off the rotting parts of the bulbs. Only the healthy roots are left to prevent further rotting. After that, the bulbs can be dried in a cool place for an hour or so without dehydration.

3. Root disinfection

When we care for Gloxinias, after drying, it needs to be soaked in a carbendazim solution for disinfection treatment, or can be replaced by potassium permanganate solution, which also has a good disinfection effect. The soaking time can be about 1 hour. After soaking, it can be placed aside for drying.

4. Soil care

Gloxinias decay phenomenon in a bulb, may be the soil permeability caused by poor ability. When we care for Gloxinias, it is best to choose breathable good soil to cultivate, bulb embedment depth can be in half the distance to the location of the wound not buried in the grave, then can use appropriate to the size of the container will bare the location of the stuffy up root cloth.

 care for Gloxinias.