How to propagate Garden Cosmos

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to propagate Garden Cosmos


Garden Cosmos is propagated by sowing and cutting. Sowing propagation: Sowing in April, about 6-7 days seedlings can be unearthed, seedlings with 4-5 pieces of true leaves when transplantation and heart; Cutting propagation: cut in May, 6-7 can blossom, select sturdy top branches, cut to 8-10cm inserted into the soil, shade watering, half a month later can take root. Now, let's see the Garden cosmos propagation methods.

propagation method of Garden Cosmos

Sowing propagation method of Garden Cosmos

Garden Cosmos propagation season

The seeds of Garden Cosmos have the ability of self-seeding. Once planted, they will produce a large number of self-seeding seedlings. With a little protection, they can flower as usual. It can be planted on the ground in mid-April. If the temperature is suitable for about 6~7 days, the seedlings can be unearthed.

If you sow in July or August, it will be able to flower in October. The plants are short and strong and tidy.

Sow seedlings and maintain Garden Cosmos

Sowing and covering soil is about 1cm, about 5 ~ 10 days seedlings; Seedlings with 4~5 true leaves when transplanted, and heart removed, can also be directly broadcast after thinning. If the planting ground imposes the base fertilizer, then the growth period does not need to fertilize again. If the soil is too rich, the branches and leaves are easy to grow fruitlessly, the flowering decreases.

Those who bloom during high temperatures from July to August are not easy to seed. Seeds are easy to fall off after maturity and should be harvested early in the morning. Garden Cosmos is a short-day plant. In spring, the plants tend to have thick leaves and few flowers, while in summer, the plants are short, neat and bloom constantly.

propagation method of Garden Cosmos

Cutting propagation method of Garden Cosmos

How to propagate Garden Cosmos by cutting

Garden Cosmos cutting propagation should be carried out in warm May, June - July can flower.

We can choose stout top branch, cut 8 centimeters to 10 centimeters long a section for cuttings, with 3 plants to 5 plants for a clump inserted inside the flowerpot, pot appropriate is buried in soil, show the ground 4 centimeters to 5 centimeters, undertake watering shading, after half a month take root namely.

Cutting and care for Garden Cosmos

Cuttage rooting every 15 days after the application of thin fertilizer solution 1 times, long to 15 cm when the pick off the terminal bud, to promote more branching. If the fertilizer and water are properly controlled, the flowers can be seen in about 45 days.

A certain degree of dwarfing is required for both planting and cuttings to avoid falling into the wind after the plant is formed.

When cutting the top off the heart, we should pay attention to the cutting tool to be sharp, to ensure that the incision is symmetrical. The new terminal bud can be removed for several consecutive times, the plant can be short, strong and healthy.

propagation method of Garden Cosmos