How to grow and care for Garden Cosmos

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow and care for Garden Cosmos

Garden Cosmos is native to Mexico. After Columbus discovered the new world, European ladies gentlemen only predestined to meet these lovely flowers. European girls often attach a Garden Cosmos in the love letter, young teenagers who state of mind, with expectations in the shy, take in the joy, and countless "he loves me or not" question marks. Now, let's look at the Garden Cosmos growing methods and care for growing Garden Cosmos.

grow and care for Garden Cosmos

How to grow Garden Cosmos 

The following Garden Cosmos growing on the balcony as an example to introduce Garden Cosmos growing methods, pot planting can also follow.

Garden Cosmos is suitable for direct sowing. When sowing, the soil should not be too deep, not more than 1 cm, or even not covered with soil. So you have a very high germination rate.

The germination of cotyledon and then cover the soil. If it is direct sowing, to cover more than 2 centimeters of soil, to ensure sufficient sunshine, it likes sunny weather.

Garden Cosmos has a strong nature, but if it is planted in a pot, its growth will be limited by limited soil. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the soil, which is loose and contains a moderate amount of fertilizer. If it is planted in the balcony and other relatively open places, the management will be a little easier, try not to plant too close, the plant will grow weak, but also accompanied by the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

If the soil is good at the beginning, and there is enough plant spacing (about 10 cm short plant, about 30 cm high plant), so good, in addition to watering, you do not have to worry about, the whole growth process does not need to take medicine and fertilization.

If you think the plant is too long, affecting the beauty, you can carry out core processing, that is, in the seedling height of 20~30 cm to the top, after the new terminal bud and successive removal, the plant can be dwarfing, but also increase the number of flowers. If not too big an impact can be omitted to pick the heart steps, peace of mind waiting for Garden Cosmos bloom.

grow and care for Garden Cosmos

Garden Cosmos care

Illumination care for growing Garden Cosmos  

Seedlings need to be treated with short sunlight to bloom normally.

Temperature care for growing Garden Cosmos 

The temperature conducive to seed germination is 20~25℃.

Watering care for growing Garden Cosmos 

Pot sowing can be soaked in the pot after sowing, can also be watered thoroughly and then sown. After the emergence of seedlings, pay attention to water management, not dry. 10 weeks after emergence, water when the visible surface is dry. It is better to water with a multi-eye watering can to prevent bursting out of the young roots of the seedlings.

Soil care for growing Garden Cosmos 

Garden Cosmos is not strict in soil requirements, but can not be water, and it should be grown in the sandy soil with good drainage. If grown in fertile soil, it is easy to cause the growth of branches and leaves, affecting the quality of flowering.

Fertilizing care for growing Garden Cosmos 

Garden Cosmos does not live in too rich soil, so organic fertilizer is more suitable for the growth of Garden Cosmos. Organic fertilizers can be made at home: after washing fish and meat waste water, washing bottle water, goldfish after raising waste water and wood ash after burning vegetation, retting and fermentation. It becomes a good fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Do not directly waste water to the plant, otherwise the root system will be damaged, branches and leaves yellow, weak.

In general, Garden Cosmos is very easy to grow. As long as the growing method is not too rough, you can harvest these pure, fragrant and lovely flowers. Whether it is potted, planted on a balcony or planted in a wider area, Garden Cosmos will bring a beautiful surprise to everyone who loves flowers.

grow and care for Garden Cosmos