How to propagate French marigold

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to propagate French marigold

To propagate French marigolds, use seed propagation or cutting propagation. Let's see these propagation method of French marigolds.

propagation method of French marigolds

The sowing propagation method of French marigold 

Sowing is a common way for French marigolds to propagate. When sowing seeds, they usually choose to propagate between November and March. In warmer climates, sowing propagation can be carried out all year round. You can use direct seeding or indoor pot seeding.

The seeds of French marigold can be harvested separately and planted directly, or looser soil can be used as a seedbed for sowing propagation. After the sowing medium is disinfected, seeds can be planted, and vermiculite can be slightly covered to ensure that the germination temperature is between 22℃ and 24℃. Generally, germination can take place within one week. After sowing propagation, grow about a month, and can be transplanted on the pot.

In addition, you can also broadcast. French marigold is very vigorous. If not harvested in time and its seeds are dropped to the ground, it can grow on its own in the right temperature and humidity conditions.

propagation method of French marigolds

Propagation from cuttings of French marigold

In addition to sowing propagation, French marigolds can also be propagated by cutting.

French marigold cutting propagation time is mainly in the summer and autumn season, June- August is the best. Generally, when applying cutting propagation, you can remove the French marigold shoots, about 10cm in length, can be cut in the pot, or directly inserted. Cutting propagation needs for shading, high survival rate, can be rapid molding.

French marigolds, usually cut in summer, can flower between August and December.

French marigold propagation care

It should be noted that the flowering time of French marigolds is also different according to the variety. Generally, it takes about 40-70 days from sowing to flowering. So the sowing propagation time can choose the right sowing time, so that it blooms at the right time.

propagation method of French marigolds

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