How to propagate Edelweiss

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

How to propagate Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a symbol of honor and friendship in Europe. It is one of the famous mountain flowers. In recent years, China has also been introduced. Because the growth period does not like fever, the most suitable sowing temperature is 15~20℃, so most in September after the middle and late autumn sowing. The following are sowing and cutting propagation methods of Edelweiss.

propagation methods of Edelweiss

Sowing propagation method of Edelweiss

1. Prepare before sowing propagation

Sprout: Soak the seeds for sowing propagation in warm water (about the same temperature as wash water) for 12 to 24 hours, until the seeds absorb water and swell. For very common seeds that germinate easily, this job can be left out. 

The best way to sterilize seed substrate for sowing propagation is to put it in a wok and heat it up. It will kill all insects and diseases. 

2. Sowing propagation process

Sowing propagation is suitable for autumn sowing, seedlings quickly and neatly. The suitable temperature for germination was 20℃. The seeds were scattered on loose sandy loam, slightly suppressed, watered to maintain humidity, seedlings emerged in 5-10 days, and planted in pots when 3-4 leaves were true. Potted culture soil for sowing propagation of Edelweiss had better be preloaded with a small amount of decomposed compost or phosphorus, potassium fertilizer. After sowing, the substrate was covered with a thickness of 4~5mm for seed grains. After sowing available sprayer, fine pore sprinkle sowing matrix quality wet, when the basin soil is slightly dry and then drenched, still should pay attention to the strength of watering can not be too big, so as not to flush up the seeds; 

3. Management after sowing propagation

After sowing propagation of Edelweiss in autumn, when the cold wave and low temperature are encountered, the flowerpot can be wrapped with plastic film for the benefit of heat preservation and moisture preservation; After the seedlings of sowing propagation are unearthed, the film should be uncovered in time, and the seedlings should be exposed to sunlight before 9:30 in the morning or after 3:30 in the afternoon, otherwise the seedlings will grow very weak. After most of the seeds have come out, it is necessary to thin the seedlings properly: diseased, unhealthy seedlings are pulled out, so that the remaining seedlings have a certain space between each other; When most seedlings have three or more leaves, you can pot them.

propagation methods of Edelweiss

Cutting propagation method of Edelweiss

1. Cutting substrate for Edelweiss propagation

The nutrient soil of cuttage or the material such as river sand, mud carbon soil. Family cutting propagation limited to conditions is difficult to get the ideal cuttings substrate. Cutting propagation is recommended to use has been prepared and disinfected cuttings substrate; Medium-coarse river sand is fine, but rinse with clean water several times before use. Sea sand and saline areas of river sand are not used, they are not suitable for the growth of flowers and plants.

2. Cuttings selection for propagating Edelweiss

Cuttings used branches called cuttings. Usually combined with the work of heart picking, picking coarse, pest free front end as cuttings, directly with the front end cuttings.

propagation methods of Edelweiss