How to Propagate Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

Written by Maggie

Dec 06 2021

How to Propagate Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

As an ornamental and medicinal plant, Dragon Tree has a strong effect, especially its long and colorful leaves. It is really beautiful. But does a pot of Dragon tree feel monotonous? Many flower lovers want to try to propagate by themselves, so how to propagate Dragon Tree?

 How to Propagate Dragon Tree
Dragon Tree - Most Common House Plant

When is the Best Time to Propagate Dragon Tree?

Propagating dragon tree needs time to cooperate. Whether the temperature is too cold or too hot, it will affect the cutting survival rate of dragon tree plants. We'd better choose a sunny day with warm sunshine from May to June in spring to prepare for propagating dragon tree.

Things You Will Need During Propagation

  • Plant Pot
  • Knife or Scissors
  • Fertilizer
  • Water

Propagate Dragon Tree By Cutting

1. Cutting time

Cuttage propagation of Dragon tree can be carried out in spring and summer every year, when it is the peak growth season, with high branch activity and rooting survival rate.

2. Selection of cuttings

On Dragon Tree potted plants, annual semi-woody tender stems with a length of about 8-15 cm were cut as cuttings, and stem segments containing more than 3 eyes were required.

Note: The cuttings should be close to the bottom of the eye, and the cut surface should be smooth, so as to facilitate rooting.In addition, cutting leaves as few leaves as possible. (Read more about Dragon Tree.)

3. Cutting substrate

Dragon tree cutting substrate is best to use wet sand soil as substrate.

4. Start cutting

Before cutting propagation, disinfect the cuttings with alcohol, then insert it into the substrate, exposing 1/2, and wrap the exposed parts in plastic bags to maintain humidity. After that, the root can be rooted at 20-25℃ at room temperature for about 1 month.

 How to Propagate Dragon Tree

Propagate Dragon Tree By Layering

High-altitude propagating Dragon Tree by layering is commonly used in May - June. Select the strong main stem, 20 cm from the top, row ring peeling, 1 cm wide, wet moss cover, and wrap with plastic film, keep the room temperature above 20℃, about 40 days after the roots, 60 days after the cut pot.

Bury dry cutting method, cut mature branches 5 cm to 10 cm, cut the leaves, buried in the pure river sand, the upper part of the surface of the sand. Also we can cut about 3 cm thick branches, every 5 cm cut a wound, deep to dry diameter 1/2, buried in the sand, the upper part of the slightly exposed sand surface, place a thin shade, ventilation, moist environment, about 20 days can be rooted from the incision, node germination, and then cut off and plant. Domestic flowers can be placed in jars between May and June and take root in about 3 weeks.

Propagate Dragon Tree By Seed

In September, the seeds of Dragon tree will mature, so the propagation method of Dragon tree can also be used to sow. Because of the large seed size of Dragon Tree, it is commonly used for shallow pot seeding. After sowing, the room temperature is kept at 24 ~ 27℃, and the seeds will germinate 2 weeks later.

Dragon Tree Care Guide


Although dragon tree has certain negative tolerance, it likes Yang and is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient light. Different seasons have different requirements for light. During the spring and autumn growth period, raising it in a place with bright light and maintaining sufficient sunlight can promote the rapid growth of dragon tree. The sunshine in summer is too strong, so it should be shaded, at least 50%. The light in winter is not strong, so it can be maintained in full sunshine. It can be maintained in a sunny place, which is conducive to the growth of dragon tree.


In spring and autumn, we can water dragon tree once a week. Each time we water it thoroughly to ensure that the soil is wet. The water evaporates quickly in the high temperature environment in summer. We have to water dragon tree once in three or four days. In winter, the temperature is low and the growth rate is slow. We should strictly control the water. If the soil is not dry, we don't need to water dragon tree. Usually once a half month. Dragon tree is drought resistant but not waterlogging resistant. Just water it thoroughly. Ponding is strictly prohibited, otherwise it is easy to rot roots.

Dragon Tree


During the growth season of dragon tree, we should always keep the basin soil moist. Too much or too little watering is unfavorable to its growth. When the new leaves of Dragon Tree are sucked, we can spray 2~3 times to the leaves every day. If the air is too dry, the leaves and tip of the new leaves will easily wither and cause the poor extension of the leaves in the future.


The concentration of fertilizer applied to dragon tree must be light, and nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied too much. Potassium fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer can be applied more. If more nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the grain of its leaves will be unclear or the ornamental value of grass will be reduced. Dragon tree will be in dormancy in winter. In this state, it will not absorb nutrients, so fertilization can be stopped at this time. However, we should water dragon tree appropriately, and do not let the basin soil be too dry.
After the successful planting of dragon tree, we must ensure that fertilization is applied at least once or twice every two months. At the same time of fertilization, it is also necessary to ensure the moisture and humidity of the soil and good ventilation. The vigorous growth seasons of dragon tree are spring, summer and autumn. Therefore, the amount of fertilizer should be increased in these three seasons to keep dragon tree growing in a robust manner. Fertilizer can be applied every more than ten days. But we must remember that the concentration of fertilizer should not be too high.


We must pay attention to the temperature control when we are in the propagate dragon tree. A propagating branch and bud is much weaker than ordinary plants. We need careful maintenance to make the dragon tree survive and take root quickly. Therefore, during maintenance, the plant must be kept in a cool and ventilated environment as far as possible, and the temperature shall be controlled between 15 ~ 28 ℃, so as to avoid dehydration or death of dragon tree caused by strong light.

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