How to Care for Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

Written by Maggie

Dec 06 2021

How to Care for Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

When you think of Dragon Tree, you probably think of individual potted plants that are placed indoors or in public places. However, the leaves will become yellow and shed, or will have black spots.  Many people do not know how to care for Dragon Tree. How to deal with these situations? Let's look at how to care for Dragon Tree.

Dragon Tree
Dragon Tree - Most Common House Plant

How to care for Dragon Tree leaves yellowing and shedding

Dragon Tree prefers slightly acidic soil. If the soil is seriously alkalized, the basinal soil will lump and the root system will not grow normally, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off.If soil caking is found. Dragon Tree can be irrigated with diluted ferrous sulfate or rice washing water, which can adjust the acid-base balance of soil. If soil alkalinization is serious, we can replace loose and breathable acid soil.

During the high temperature, Dragon Tree requires the air to be moist enough. If the air is dry and the water is evaporated in large quantities, the leaves will become dry and yellow. High temperature in summer, dry temperature in autumn, if the plant leaves become dry and yellow, we need to increase the air humidity. It can be appropriate to spray water around the plant, sprinkle the leaves 1 to 2 times a day water.

Dragon Tree likes wet. During its growth, it needs enough water. If the water is insufficient, the leaves will become yellow and dry when the plant is in the state of water shortage. If the millennium leaves yellow, it can be appropriately to cut off the yellow leaves, timely replenishment of water.In the later stage, appropriate watering, keep the basin soil moist, increase the amount of watering during the summer, keep the basin soil dry during the winter.

With the growth of the Dragon Tree, soil fertility is limited, so an appropriate amount of fertilizer is needed to provide nutrients for plants. If fertilizer is insufficient, leaves will become dull and dull, gradually turning yellow and falling off. If fertilizer is insufficient, it is necessary to timely fertilize, and it is best to fertilize at night when the temperature is low. Water can be poured once the next day, which can dilute the fertility and avoid burning the roots with fertilizer.

Dragon Tree

How to care for Dragon Tree leaves having black spots

Black spots on the leaves of Dragon Tree may be caused by leaf spot disease. In a humid and hot environment, leaf spot disease may occur when the plant grows poorly. In the early stage of the disease, a small number of brown spots will appear on the leaves of Dragon Tree, which generally grow on the old leaves. In the middle stage, the leaves will gradually expand and become black, and in the later stage, the leaves will become larger black patches, making the leaves lose their own color.

If Dragon Tree has leaf spot disease, it is necessary to cut off the diseased leaves in time. In the early stage of the disease, agents such as zinc substitute or nitrile bacterazole emulsion can be used to prevent and treat the disease. Spray once every 7 to 10 days, and spray continuously for 2 to 3 times. The agent is suitable for use in the initial stage, and can be sprayed once every 15 days or so in the later stage, which can inhibit bacteria and kill bacteria and effectively prevent the relapse of the disease.

Dragon Tree is susceptible to anthrax under high wet and closed conditions. Anthrax is a common plant disease, mostly occurring in the tip of the leaf. In the early stage, the leaves have yellowish-brown spots, which will become dark brown or black patches in the later stage of enlargement, and inhibit the photosynthesis of the plants. As time goes on, the plants will wither and die.

If Dragon Tree gets anthrax, the leaves should be cut off in time. The leaves should be burnt to avoid danger and other plants.In the early stage, carbendazem solution or methyl tobuzin solution should be used for prevention and treatment to avoid aggravation of the disease. Spray carefully on the leaves and branches after the dilution of the agent, spray regularly, 2 ~ 3 times after the disease can be alleviated.

Dragon Tree

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