How to propagate Coral Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

How to propagate Coral Tree

Coral trees, with their fiery red flowers that look like a series of red crescents, are often used to plant parks and landscaping courtyards, and can also make a beautiful interior decoration if potted. Now let's talk about Coral Tree propagation methods. Coral Tree likes warm and wet, and has strong endurance, high temperature and cold resistance. And it doesn't require much soil. The main propagation methods are sowing, cutting and hydroponic propagation.

Coral trees

Sowing propagation method of Coral trees

Collecting the pods of Coral trees is not suitable for intense sun exposure. After drying, the seeds are removed and mixed with sand and stored in a low temperature environment. Wait until the next March to start sowing, sowing with hot water before soaking, cooling and then soaking for about 24 hours, and then sowing.

Cutting propagation method of Coral trees

For the cutting propagation time of Coral Tree, it is suggested to choose early spring. The lignified branches should be selected as cuttings. After trimming, the cuttings should be inserted into wet sand and kept moist. For the pot Coral Tree, it should be properly pruned and watered as little as possible.Inhibit its growth and make the plant suitable for potting. The advantage of cuttings is that they sprout and become a landscape that blooms for indoor viewing.

Hydroponic propagation method of Coral trees

Coral trees can be propagated by the hydroponic way. Unlike earth culture, we need to choose twigs as cuttings, also need to keep 5 ~ 10 cm between the branches, then choose highly appropriate containers, qing to submerged branches at the bottom of the water, every three days or so time need to change water once. About 4 weeks or so, it can take root.

Coral trees