How to Propagate Common Sage

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Propagate Common Sage

Common Sage can generally be propagated by cutting and sowing, and these two propagation methods are not very difficult, but very fast. The following sort out the cutting and sowing propagation methods and steps of Common Sage.

propagate Common sage

Common Sage Propagation from Cutting

Common sage cutting propagation time is generally in every year from late spring to early summer. Cutting generally choose the top branches less tender shoot tip, cut the length of the control in 5-8 cm, then cut the stem. At the same time, remove base 2 a 3 big leaf, and then directly to the Common sage branches inserted bottom soil or sand seedbed of pearlite, the depth of the insert a 2.5 3 cm,

The row spacing between the branches is 5X5cm. After cutting propagation of Common Sage, apply appropriate watering, and at the same time, use plastic film cover insulation, general cuttings after 20~30 days after the new roots can be planted.

Common Sage Propagation from Seed

Common sage sowing propagation method time is in spring or early fall. Use 50 ℃ warm water before sowing seed treatments, after 5 minutes, for the temperature drop to 30 ℃, a few back, wash with water, then put in the seed sprouting in 25 a 30 ℃ constant temperature, so that to improve seed germination rate, and then prepared direct sowing seeds into the soil.

Seeds for sowing propagation need to be watered after sowing, keep the pot soil moist, and then put the pot in a ventilated place to avoid strong light exposure. Generally, about 1 weeks after sowing propagation of Common Sage, seedlings can emerge.

propagate Common sage

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