How to Propagate Cissus Verticillata

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to Propagate Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata is a beautiful ornamental plant, which is the most common natural landscape in various scenic spots. When Cissus Verticillata drops the silk curtain, people feel as if they are in a dream, always full of reveries. How to propagate Cissus verticillata? There are mainly two methods to propagate it.

Cissus verticillata

Hydroponic propagation of Cissus verticillata

Propagating Cissus verticillata can be hydroponic. Its adventitious roots are the main part of breeding. When it comes to using hydroponics, cut back during growinging, branch pruning about 10 centimeters, then pruning branches directly into the vessel containing water. 10 days or so it can take root. When root grows to a certain number, it can be cultivated. cissus verticillata does not need to water and fertilize after planting, as long as the regular pruning.

Cutting propagation of Cissus Verticillata

When Cissus Verticillata propagates from cuttings, the first place to choose is fertile and moist soil.

Next, a broad scaffolding is set to pull the direction of the growth of the branch, and directly put the soil below the scaffolding set by Cissus Verticillata. There is no need to fertilize, and planting for a period of time does not need to be watered again. It will absorb moisture from the air by itself, and only need to trim and arrange every once in a while.

Cissus verticillata

Maintenance after propagating Cissus Verticillata

The above need to be reasonable maintenance. Hydroponics is a simple method of breeding, which requires regular trimming during hydroponics. Pruning and cultivation of the main vine with strong branches fixed to grow vertically upward. When the branches grow to the trellis, the branches are fixed in different directions. Pest control during hydroponics of Cissus Verticillata, spray with 70% macrobiotic M powder 500 times liquid. 

When Cissus Verticillata performs cutting propagation, they just need regular pruning. Read Next: How to Grow and Care for Cissus Verticillata

Cissus verticillata