Cissus verticillata profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

Cissus verticillata profile

Cissus Verticillata is a perennial evergreen vine plant, also known as the pearl curtain vine, native to tropical America. Its branches are slender, tendril, and heart-shaped. Light green flowers bloom in summer and autumn and bear fruit in July and August. The most special feature of Cissus Verticillata is the slender reddish brown air root that grows out from the stem and joint. It hangs under the trellises. When the breeze is blowing slowly, the air root is swaying in the wind, as if it is hiding a dream. Air roots to find water and soil, and continue to extend, until the soil absorption of nutrients, so that the leaves are more green, flowers more beautiful, the whole plant is rooted and leafy, endless!

Cissus Verticillata

Characteristics of Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata has slender, tendrils on the branches. The leaves are heart-shaped and have serrated edges. The whole form of the plant is that it grows from the stem nodes with reddish brown slender roots. Thousands of them hang from the scaffolding. It's spectacular.

Habitat of Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata is native to tropical America, China's Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Taiwan and other tropical and subtropical areas have sporadic distribution. 

Cissus Verticillata belongs to the sun-loving plant, drought resistance, high temperature resistance, also slightly shade resistant, drainage. Sunshine must be good, strong spreading force, set up the frame must be broad, pull branch growth direction at any time. Sunshine is about 80 ~ 100% (full sunshine), and the suitable temperature for growth is about 22 ~ 30℃. Leaves will fall in winter, and its growth is slow. Do not grow air roots, temperature below 10℃, to implement the cold. In summer the growth is fast, timely pruning to facilitate ventilation. Water every 1 ~ 2 days in summer and every 2 ~ 3 days in winter. Apply thin fertilizer every 2 ~ 3 months.

Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata Uses

The Landscape uses of Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata can hang thousands of times, then it can grow against the wall, so it can grow all over the wall, forming a green waterfall wall, increasing the beauty of the wall.

Cissus Verticillata can also grow on the long corridor, forming a green corridor. This beautiful and magnificent landscape can be added. cissus verticillata can be planted on the corridor of the park or the corridor of the residential area. It not only afforests the corridor, but also provides people with ornamental and cool resting places.

Heat insulation for Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata is also the best insulated curtain. Because its branches are long and dense, it provides shade. If you plant it in your window, it will form a waterfall, beautifying your window and shading you from the heat.

Cissus Verticillata

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