How to Grow and Care for Cissus Verticillata

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to Grow and Care for Cissus Verticillata

Cissus Verticillata is a perennial evergreen vines. Many flower friends do not know how to plant Cissus Verticillata. In fact, it is not that difficult, compared to pruning, it is much easier. As long as you pay attention to some habits, you can plant Cissus Verticillata. The following are how to grow and care for Cissus Verticillata.

Cissus Verticillata

How to Grow Cissus Verticillata

1. Plant Soil: cissus verticillata is very adaptable to the soil and can grow in a variety of soils. When we grow Cissus Verticillata, general soil should be selected, but yellow soil, mud, clay loam, sandy loam, gravel soil can be planted, as long as the soil has quality fertility, there is a small amount of moist soil.

2. Seedling management: During the seedling stage of Cissus Verticillata, fertilizer is applied to promote seedling growth twice, and scaffolding can be completely covered in the first year of cultivation. It may grow some red air roots on the stem nodes at the seedling stage, but these should be removed when growing on the scaffolding.

3. Planting density: Cissus verticillata planting density is mainly based on local conditions, because of the limitation of the traction rod and the overall landscape nursery stock recommendations, we suggest that in order to achieve the purpose of rapid forest, it is best to grow at a point 2 x 6 tree, a scaffold growing point, and in 5 x 10 meters outside the gallery, landscape wall and Cissus verticillata planting more points.

4. Trim and shape: When Cissus Verticillata roots are growing on scaffolding, you can trim them into a shape according to your interests and hobbies. Adult Cissus Verticillata does not need pruning. In cold winter climates, just remove some insect and disease branches, dead branches, or overgrown branches.

Cissus Verticillata is a light-loving plant, drought resistant, high temperature, but also has less shade resistance, drainage, sunshine, strong drafting force, scaffolding must be broad, traction branches to the direction of growth at any time. Sunshine is about 80×100%(full time radiation), and the suitable growing temperature is about 22°30 ° C. In winter, deciduous leaves grow slowly, air roots do not grow, and the temperature is below 10℃, so it is necessary to prevent cold. In summer, it should be pruning, in order to facilitate ventilation. Water every two days in summer and every three days in winter. Apply thin fertilizer every two months.

Cissus Verticillata

How to Care for Cissus Verticillata

1. When we care for Cissus Verticillata, symmetrical planting should be done on both sides of the scaffold. The distance between each Cissus Verticillata is 2-3 meters;

2. After planting and surviving for a period of time, choose a strong Cissus Verticillata branch as the main vine for cultivation, and subtract from it the immature part with an entangling head. For example, the branches are easy to get thin to reduce some insignificant branches, so as to ensure the growth advantage of the main vine.

3. Wrap the main stem of Cissus Verticillata around the pillar carefully with a string, so that it can grow in a clockwise direction;

4. For the branches from the root of Cissus Verticillata, the strong branches can be left for later use, but the tiny strips should be all removed, so that all the nutrients in the root can be used for the growth of the main vine.

5. When Cissus Verticillata's vines have reached the tels, the branches should not be removed. Instead, they should be distributed evenly in the other direction for the formed landscape.

Cissus Verticillata