How to propagate butterfly pea

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate butterfly pea

Butterfly pea can flower in full or half sun, but the plant is resistant to the cold. Its flowering period is relatively long, mostly in summer and autumn flowers, blue flowers in full bloom like butterflies flying. How does Butterfly pea propagate? Generally, Butterfly pea can be propagated by cutting. Next, let's see the steps of Butterfly pea cutting propagation method.

Butterfly pea

Butterfly pea cutting propagation time

Butterfly pea can propagate from spring to fall, and rooting from cuttings is relatively fast in late spring and early summer.

Selection of Butterfly Pea Cuttings

Choose healthy, short internode, full branches, 10-15 cm long when the top bud is cutting, the best branches with a top bud. When the tender shoots are cuttings, part of the leaves should be cut off to reduce water evaporation.

Cutting propagation method of Butterfly pea

Select the appropriate flower pot, fill the pot with soil, and water thoroughly, put the treated cuttings into the soil. Generally speaking, cutting root time needs two to three weeks, after the root can be transplanted to a larger pot for seedling, root head out and then transplanted to the courtyard.

The above are steps to propagate Butterfly pea by cutting, very simple, and hopefully to be helpful to you.

Butterfly pea