How to propagate Asiatic dayflower

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to propagate Asiatic dayflower

As a plant with strong adaptability, the cultivation method of Asiatic dayflower is not difficult, only requires careful maintenance according to requirements. But if you want to master Asiatic dayflower propagation, you'll have to work a little harder.As for how to propagate Asiatic dayflower/ There are three main propagation methods: cutting, dividing and sowing. Among them, the cutting propagation method of Asiatic dayflower is the most practical. Next, we will focus on introducing it to you.

propagation method of Asiatic dayflower

Cutting propagation method of Asiatic dayflower

1. Cutting propagation time

Indoor propagation of asiatic dayflower is preferred by cutting propagation methods. As for cutting time, it is best to choose in its growing season, that is, spring and autumn, because the optimal rooting temperature for Asiatic dayflower cuttings is 18-25℃.

2. Cuttings selection

Take strong, disease-free and insect-free Asiatic dayflower potted plants of 1-2 years old and cut them into 5-8 cm long sections for cuttings.

Cutting propagation processing: cut branches, every section should take the leaf section of 3 above, put it in the shade and cool place air to bask in next, conditional can make a little root powder in the incision.

3. Cutting substrate

According to the growth habits of Asiatic dayflower, to its cuttage substrate, we can use river sand, clay clay and other materials. But before use, you'd better disinfect first, so you can improve the survival rate of Asiatic dayflower cuttings.

4. Start cutting propagation

After making the above preparations, the cutting propagation of Asiatic dayflower can officially start: the cutting substrate is slightly wet, and then the dried cuttings are inserted into it, the depth is 1/2 to 2/3 of the cuttings.

5. Cutting propagation management

After cutting propagation, flower friends should spray 1-3 times a day to the cuttings to moisturize, if the temperature is relatively high on sunny days, you should spray twice more. In addition, cutting after must block the sunlight 50 ~ 80%. In general, Asiatic dayflower cuttage is not difficult, a little careful survival rate can reach 100%.

propagation method of Asiatic dayflower

Sowing and division propagation of Asiatic dayflower

After Asiatic dayflower blossoms, seeds can be harvested, so the propagation method of Asiatic dayflower can be a sowing propagation method. But the sowing propagation method is suitable for mass propagation, not indoor. In addition, Asiatic dayflower propagation can also be used by dividing the plant method, not too much plant to Asiatic dayflower plant whole tree digging up, more troublesome, so the most suitable for flower friends operation is cuttings.

In general, Asiatic dayflower propagation is not difficult, cuttings, planting, sowing can be rooting survival. But in terms of convenience, survival rate, the best is cutting propagation. 

propagation method of Asiatic dayflower