How to Grow Sedeveria Letizia

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Grow Sedeveria Letizia

Sedeveria Letizia can be cultivated with soft, breathable and well-drained soil. During curing, the temperature can be stabilized at around 20 degrees, and Sedeveria Letizia is a succulent demanding for plenty of light, moisture and fertilizer. Pay attention not to raise Sedeveria Letizia with heavy clay during curing. Sedeveria Letizia is meaty during summer or winter when it needs to be controlled by water and stopped from fattening.

 Sedeveria Letizia

1. Soil for Sedeveria Letizia Care

Sedeveria Letizia is a variety of succulent plants, which is drought-resistant, waterlogged and requires good soil drainage. sedeveria letizia can be grown meaty in a soft, fertile, breathable and well drained culture soil. During planting and breeding, it should be noted that heavy clay should not be used for planting and breeding, otherwise the root system will not grow well.

2. Temperature for Sedeveria Letizia Care

Sedeveria Letizia is meaty and warm, suitable for growing in a warm, dry and well ventilated climate. Sedeveria Letizia succulents are not resistant to high temperatures, and during growth, the ambient temperature needs to be stabilized at around 20 degrees. If the temperature is above 30 degrees during summer and below 5 degrees during winter, sedeveria Letizia meatiness is affected by the temperature and will go into dormancy.

 Sedeveria Letizia

3. Light for Sedeveria Letizia Care

Sedeveria Letizia is meaty and can grow healthily in a sunny environment, easily out of state, and leaves will be transparent and more brightly colored. During spring and fall growing, Sedeveria Letizia can be moved to a sunny outdoor environment for curing. During the curing period, attention should be paid to the high temperature in summer and the need to avoid the midday strong light.

4. Sewage sludge of Sedeveria Letizia Care

Sedeveria Letizia's fleshy organs store large amounts of water and nutrients, and need to be fed with adequate amounts of water and fertilizer during growth. During the curing period, water the soil properly, keep the soil moist and fertilize it reasonably. You can apply thin fertilizer once every 30 days or so. During the summer or winter, Sedeveria Letizia needs to control water and stop fertilization after meaty growth stops.

 Sedeveria Letizia