Sedeveria Letizia Profile

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Nov 08 2021

Sedeveria Letizia Profile

Sedeveria Letizia's leaves are green in their normal state, but in autumn and winter, given full light, Sedeveria Letizia's leaves will start red from the edges until the whole leaf is incredibly red, just like a blade on fire.

Sedeveria Letizia Picture

Sedeveria Letizia

Ccharacteristics of Sedeveria Letizia

Sedeveria Letizia leaves ovate-wedge-shaped, frontal-triangular, short pointed, dorsal central convex, margin with extremely short hard burr, tightly arranged in a lotus shape. sedeveria letizia is easy to grow from the bottom part of the stem to form a multi-branched structure with plant width and height up to 20cm. As the plant grows, the lower leaves will gradually fall off to form old piles. sedeveria Letizia's leaves are green in their normal state, but in autumn and winter, given full light, Sedeveria Letizia's leaves will start red at the edges and work their way up to the entire leaf, which is incredibly red, almost as red as a blade.

Ecological Habits of Sedeveria Letizia

Sedeveria Letizia prefers a warm, dry, ventilated and sunny environment, resistant to drought, not cold, and slightly resistant to half-shade, but not in the hot sun. Generally there is no obvious dormant period.

Sedeveria Letizia has a short dormant period during the high temperature in summer, when the plant grows slowly or completely, and can be kept in a well-ventilated place to avoid long-term rain exposure, with a little shading and controlled watering. Spring, autumn and early summer are the main growing seasons of plants. Pot soil to be dry and thoroughly irrigated, the growth period is too dry easy to let old leaves wither (except dormant period).

Sedeveria Letizia as a whole is better to maintain with full light, watering dry thoroughly can, summer through risk control water appropriate shade, but do not shade too much for a long time.  Generally speaking, summer is not difficult, but the leaves turn green, basically can not be avoided, to avoid exposure to the sun or insufficient light, resulting in its broken phase. After summer, in autumn and winter it will be beautiful. The fact that Sedeveria Letizia is green, as long as the plant remains dignified, is also extremely interesting.

Sedeveria Letizia

Sedeveria Letizia Uses

Sedeveria Letizia's leaves are incredibly red from the edges all the way down to the whole leaf. Many people are constantly drawn to the green flames.

In full light Sedeveria Letizia, the leaf margin will take on a beautiful red color, the plant flowers in cymes, small white bell-shaped flowers, multiple flower clusters on the pedicel in turn open, fresh and elegant.

History of Sedeveria Letizia

Name Origin

Sedeveria Letizia is a succulent horticultural variety that is a cross between Sedum X and Echinacea. Sedeveria stands for Echinacea Sedum X and echinacea Echeveria, two Latin genera whose names are half taken and put together.

Sedeveria Letizia leaves are green in summer or when there is little light, but in autumn and winter, when the temperature varies greatly, given full light, the leaves will appear red, which is probably where the green flame came from.

Flower Language

Flower language of Sedeveria Letizia: Thanks.

Sedeveria Letizia

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