How to grow Punicagranatum

Written by Maggie

Nov 18 2020

How to grow Punicagranatum

When cultivating Punicagranatum, place it in a place with good light during the normal maintenance period. When the light is strong, it needs to be shaded. Watering should keep the pot soil dry, and no water can accumulate. It is not necessary to water in the weather with high humidity. Water, apply a thin organic fertilizer every 10 days after germination, and reasonable pruning.

Punicagranatum picture


Punicagranatum breeding method

1. Environmental Management

Punicagranatum is suitable for growing in a sunny and warm climate. During the growth period, it is best to put the plant on the indoor balcony. Do not leave it in the dark for a long time. In the strong light season, it should be shaded or placed in soft if the light is below 5℃ in winter. Please enter the room for maintenance in advance, otherwise it will be frostbite.

2. Water management

Punicagranatum does not require high moisture. It is more suitable for growing in a dry environment. Watering during growth should be carried out according to the weather conditions. You can water more appropriately in high temperature weather. You don't need to water when the air humidity is high. In the strong light and high temperature season in summer, water should be sprayed on the leaf surface every day. In winter, the temperature is low without watering.


3. Fertilization requirements

When potting Punicagranatum, apply sufficient base fertilizer. You can apply a proper amount of decomposed organic fertilizer solution when potting, apply a thin organic fertilizer every 10 days after germination, and apply a urea solution twice in May to June. During the flowering period, one or two potassium dihydrogen phosphate solutions should be applied.

4. Pruning

Pruning treatment is an important condition in how to raise Punicagranatum. Due to the strong growth of the plant, appropriate thinning treatment should be carried out during the growing season, and the top of the shoots should be cut off, which can be shortened during the dormant period. The treatment is mainly carried out for the long branches to ensure that the crown of the tree grows in balance.