How to grow Freesias bulbs

Written by Maggie

Dec 17 2020

How to grow Freesias bulbs

Is your backyard craving a bit of horticultural geometry? Well, Freesia are zygomorphic, which ability that they develop alongside one facet of the stem, in a single plane. Not solely that, however the plants bloom alongside the pinnacle facet of the stalk, going through upwards, making them beautiful to see down in gardens and arrangements. With more than one fragrant, trumpet-shaped, upward-pointing blossoms per swish stem, Freesia are a prized preference as long-lasting reduced flowers. Learn how to develop and care for Freesia bulbs so that you can bask in their splendor yr after year!


Where to grow Freesia bulbs

Give your Freesia bulbs a spot the place it will obtain full solar for at least eight hours each and every day. Freesias  bulbs want full solar to flourish and have a lengthy blooming season.

For out of doors landscaping planting, pick out a spot with well-draining soil. If you are aware of water puddles 5–6 hours after a challenging rain, scout out some other website online or amend the soil with natural cloth such as compost, floor bark, or decomposed manure.

For out of doors container planting, select a pot, barrel, tub, or urn with ample draining holes.

When to grow Freesia bulbs

Hardy in zones 9 and 10, Freesia bulbs have to be planted in the fall for hotter climates to provide their roots time to get established. In zones 3–8, the place the winters are too bloodless for the bulbs, plant in spring after the remaining frost has passed.

Another alternative is to grow freesia bulbs in a pot, barrel, tub, or urn so they can be delivered indoors for iciness storage.


How to Grow Freesia bulbs

Water as wanted at some point of lively boom periods, preserving the soil damp, however by no means soggy.

Cut vegetation for putting bouquets and candy fragrance.

Leave Freesia bulbs in the area proper after bulbs end blooming; do not reduce it off. The leaves will acquire sunlight, create meals thru photosynthesis, and support the Freesia bulbs for the future.

Remove foliage when the leaves start to flip yellow and die as the plant slips into dormancy. Your Freesia will relax for a few months earlier than starting off the subsequent developing cycle.

Growing Freesia bulbs Tips & Tricks

Grow Freesia bulbs in the spring in area eight and colder. They will no longer continue to exist in backyard areas chillier than sector 9.

Fall-planted Freesias developing in hotter zones will structure roots rapidly after planting, and iciness will deliver taller growth. Flower stems will arrive in the spring.