How to grow and care for Freesia indoors

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

How to grow and care for Freesia indoors

Freesia flowers are regularly bought as reduced plants in florist's shops. You can experience their beautiful, rather aromatic blooms even longer, though, if you develop freesias yourself as residence plants. The following will introduce how to grow and care for freesia indoors.

Funnel-shaped freesia plant life are sweetly-scented and handy in single- and double-flowered varieties. Hybrids provide a massive variety of high-quality hues -- lavender, pink, orange, red, yellow, white and bicolors. Surrounding the flower stems are long, strap-like leaves.

Freesia bulbs are clearly corms, and are convenient to develop indoors. They are warm-natured, which means corms don't want a bloodless therapy to bloom; the corms are equipped to plant. Choose corms that are company -- no longer smooth or mushy. Don't purchase any that are sprouting. After waiting for months for the freesia flower to bloom, you do not like to be disappointed.


When to grow Freesia indoors

Start growing freesia indoors in late summer or early fall for wintry weather or early-spring blooms. You can pot them up each and every couple weeks for a succession of vegetation to revel in for months.

How to Grow Freesia Bulbs Indoors - Steps

  • 1. Choose a shallow pot (at least three in/7 cm deep) with drainage holes in the bottom. Fill the pot loosely with a potting mix. Set corms two in (5 cm) apart, pointed give up. Do now not press the corms into the mix, preserve it unfastened so the Freesia roots can develop via it easily. Top corms with 1 in (2.5 cm) of extra potting mix.
  • 2. Water minimally till you see new growth.
  • 3. Move the Freesia to a bright, heat (80°F/27°C) place such as a sunroom for about eight weeks. Keep the medium barely moist.
  • 4. When Freesia shoots attain about two in (5 cm) tall, cross the pot to a cooler (60-65°F/16-18°C) room in a shiny window for a couple weeks till flower buds form. Turn the pot each and every couple days for even growth. When in full bloom, preserve freesias in a vivid area out of direct solar to extend the bloom.


Freesia care after flowering 

After all the flora is spent, decrease watering and enable the Freesia to die and return naturally.

When the Freesia turns brown, end watering. Then reduce them off. Lift the corms out of the potting medium and keep them in a dry, heat (80°F/17°C) location for at least three months. Corms want at least a 3-month relaxation earlier than they can be started out again. Any rotten or corky corms possibly have dry rot and must be discarded.

Freesia care indoors

Leaning stems of Freesia are probably stretching towards the sunlight. It's a right concept to flip the pot each few days, or as necessary, to expose all facets to light. Also, it is now not uncommon to stake up flowering freesias due to the fact they get pinnacle heavy and flop over.

Shriveled, rapidly fading blooms are prompted by way of too-high temperatures. Make freesia closing longer by using retaining the plant in a barely cooler location. Blooms will remain for months if saved at a maximum of 65°F/18°C.


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