How to Grow and Care for Cotyledon Pendens

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Grow and Care for Cotyledon Pendens

In the process of breeding Cotyledon Pendens, 4 parts of peat soil and 4 parts of leaf rot soil, plus 2 parts of sawdust, should be used as cultivated soil evenly.In peak season, it can be placed on the indoor balcony to accept astigmatism, control the temperature at 15 ~ 26℃ or so, each watering to irrigate thoroughly, and it can not be watered too much. Strengthen the air circulation.

Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens Care

1. Loose soil

Soil environment is the basic requirement for the growing and precautions of Cotyledon Pendens. cotyledon pendens is a common succulent plant, and the common soil is not suitable for its growth. It is better to choose 4 parts peat soil and 4 parts leaf rot soil, plus 2 parts wood chips to mix evenly as the cultivated soil, which will be conducive to the growth of the root system.

2. Maintain the environment

Cotyledon Pendens does not require much illumination, but it does not need illumination. It can be placed on the indoor balcony to receive astigation in the peak growing season. In summer, ventilation should be strengthened and the temperature should be controlled at 15-26 ℃ or less than 5℃, which will easily cause the phenomenon of withering.

3. Water management

Cotyledon Pendens is a fleshy root plant and has a low demand for water. In summer, watering should be done mainly in the morning, while in winter, watering should be done at noon. It is best to keep the principle of watering wet and dry every time.

Cotyledon Pendens

4. Fertilization management

The exuberant growth of Cotyledon Pendens is inseparable from the supply of nutrients. During the growth period, liquid fertilizer can be applied every 20 days or so without splashing fertilizer into the foliage to prevent the occurrence of decomposition. When the branches are in good growth and the leaves are small, fertilization can be increased and then controlled watering can be done.

Cotyledon Pendens Growing Attentions

Cotyledon Pendens emits a special fragrance during its growth, which is non-toxic, so don't worry about it during maintenance. Generally, it is best placed on the balcony to make the indoor air more fresh and beautiful.

Cotyledon Pendens has a very strict requirement on water, so do not overwater during maintenance. It is highly drought-tolerant, and even if it is not watered for more than ten days, it will not wither and die. In addition, the air circulation environment can enable the plants to grow robust, so it is enough to strengthen the air circulation during the growth stage.

Cotyledon Pendens