Cotyledon Pendens profile

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Nov 03 2021

Cotyledon Pendens profile

Cotyledon Pendens is a succulent plant of the genus Pendens in the Family Pendenidae, belonging to the small shrub group. Due to the thin rods, it is difficult to support the upward growth, and it will fully crawl downward growth. After emerging, the tip of the leaf is pink.

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Cultivation technique of Cotyledon Pendens

Temperature and light

Cotyledon Pendens does not have a great demand for light. They prefer a cool and ventilated growing environment. In summer, we should pay attention to ventilation and shading.Generally, the growth temperature is 15-25 degrees, not less than 5 degrees in winter.


Cotyledon Pendens should be watered thoroughly during the growing period, ventilated and cooled during the dormant period in summer, and watered in moderation, and the soil should be kept slightly dry in winter.

The soil matrix

The soil is generally available peat vermiculite and perlite mixed soil.In addition, cotyledon pendens has a beautiful leaf shape, which has a certain ornamental value.Potted plants can be placed next to televisions and computers to absorb radiation. They can also be planted indoors to absorb formaldehyde and purify the air.

Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens Propagation and Care

In summer pay attention to ventilation, and we need to shade it. In autumn and winter colors will be more attractive. The general propagation of Cotyledon Pendens is mainly cutting propagation. During the growing period, the cuttings with short stem nodes and thick leaves are selected, with the length of 5cm to 7cm. The top stem nodes are the best, and the cuttings are inserted into the sand bed after slightly drying. It also can be used single leaf cutting, full of thick blade flat on the sand basin, forced to leaf stem tight pressure that line. Take root about 25 to 30 days, and gradually grow small plants. Cotyledon Pendens is native to Namibia in southwest Africa, and it is now cultivated in many parts of the world. 

Cotyledon Pendens grows faster when watering and fertilizing properly, but grows easily when watering more and fertilizing less. The stalks are long and the leaves are small. Therefore, it can be more beautiful when planting with proper topdressing, water control and sunlight exposure.

The main value of Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens has a special fragrance, especially when watering.

Cotyledon Pendens is suitable for tabletop miniascape due to its good ornamental value, which is not only beautiful but also radiation proof.

Cotyledon Pendens

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