How to Propagate Cotyledon Pendens

Written by Maggie

Dec 10 2020

How to Propagate Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens is a succulent plant that has small, greenish or yellowish leaves. They grow at a reasonable rate, but the rods are too thin to grow up.Usually, after a period of time, they will crawl to the ground to grow. Cotyledon Pendens has a sweet smell, which is very special and loved by many people. So how to propagate and care for Cotyledon Pendens?

Cotyledon Pendens

 Step 1 – Divide Cutting Cotyledon Pendens

When you divide a Cotyledon Pendens, you're truly taking a department off. Succulents don't like steel slicing them. It's high-quality to snap your slicing off of the plant with your personal two fingers. This minimizes the wound in the succulent branch, which ought to be firm, however barely spongy when you pinch it. It would be like pinching an artery to gradual the waft of blood; so it is with the sap in your pig's ear stems. Make certain you wash your hands! You don't desire to motive contamination to your plant due to the fact of some filth on your fingers.
Find the excellent stem, which have to have at least two inches of stem size and at least 1 or two nodes of leaves on it. Pinch it, and destroy it off.

Step two – Get cotyledon pendens to Root for cutting propagation

Now you have to get your reducing to root. First, dip your reducing stem-end first in rooting hormone, ample to coat the phase that was once damaged off of the plant.
Next, moist your paper towel sheets (about three of them) in your heat water, and wring out some of the water—you choose them simply one step above damp. You don't prefer Cotyledon Pendens to be moist sufficient to reason rot.
Wrap your paper towel round the stem and lay it on a plate, however strive to preserve the leaves dry. Put it in a warm, sunny spot, maintain the paper towel smooth and alternate it out as necessary, repeating the wetting and wrapping system each time you alternate the paper towel. Keep the paper towel damp, hold your reducing in the solar as lots as possible, and in about three to four weeks, you need to have a rooted cutting.

Step three – Plant Cotyledon Pendens

Now all you have to do is pot or plant your Cotyledon Pendens. Do this by means of inserting it in very nicely drained soil, which is made from cactus combine with a handful of pea gravel. Mix the two together, and make a properly in the center the use of two or three of your fingers. You solely prefer the gap as deep as the root is long, no longer. Gently vicinity the rooted pig's ear plant into the hole, and pat the soil round it. Mist the soil with a little water, preserving it sparing, and if you choose to fertilize the soil, you can use an natural cactus-mix compost to do that. Just observe the instructions on the package.


Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens Care after cutting propagation

Summer Care

The cotyledon pendens stops growing during the summer when the temperature is extremely high. The Cotyledon must be placed in a cool, ventilated place and watered less frequently and not too much at a time.

Winter Care

In the winter, we should pay attention to ensure that the ambient temperature of its growth cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, or it will be frozen. Make sure damofuniang gets a certain amount of light, or its leaves will often turn green, red edges will disappear, and lose their normal gloss.

Cotyledon Pendens