How to grow Conophytumburgeri

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Conophytumburgeri

The outer skin of Conophytumburgeri is translucent bright green, which turns red as light increases in the curing process.In the spring and autumn, the well-preserved Conophytumburgeri still bloom. Its flowers are light purple and very beautiful.How can ordinary Conophytumburgeri be more vigorous and beautiful?


1. Get plenty of light for Conophytumburgeri

Conophytumburgeri loves light so much that it needs enough light to grow during the process.Generally is to put it in the scattered light sufficient place. Do not make it accept direct light, otherwise it will easily cause its leaves sunburn wilt. In the summer dormant period, apply appropriate shading maintenance.

2. Appropriate temperature for Conophytumburgeri

Conophytumburgeri can thrive in a cool environment, but also pay attention to provide appropriate temperature when curing. It can not appear more than 30℃ high temperature, and also to ensure that it has a larger temperature difference between day and night, wihch can make its overall color more beautiful. In the winter we need to keep the temperature above 5℃ so that it can overwinter.


3. Water and fertilizer management of Conophytumburgeri

Let Conophytumburgeri grow vigorous but also do a good job of water fertilizer management. Ordinary water should not be too much,  water soaked soil every 4 ~ 6 days. Do not appear water situations affect its normal growth, and also in its growth period apply a month appropriate fertilizer. Pay attention to the dormant period of summer and do not fertilize.

4. Change the basin for ventilation for  Conophytumburgeri

Every 1 to 2 years, it is necessary to change the basin at the turn of summer and autumn, and then change the soil suitable for Conophytumburgeri growth with loose and breathable air. Peat soil, coal cinder and river sand can be prepared according to 2:2:1, and they should be put in the window with good ventilation for curing, so that they can grow more exuberant and beautiful.