How to grow Conophytumburgeri in summer

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Conophytumburgeri in summer

The succulent Conophytumburgeri is a very nourishing succulent, and it belongs to the winter type, which grows in winter.So, conophyburgeri maintenance during summer dormancy is especially important. Let's take a look at how succulent Conophyburgeri gets it in the summer.


1. Plenty of light for Conophytumburgeri

While Conophytumburgeri likes a sunny environment, make sure you have plenty of sunlight during the dormant period.But the summer sunlight intensity is big, Conophytumburgeri is in dormant period growth and is growth restricted, the whole summer should be sunshade curing.

2. Water properly for Conophytumburgeri

Conophytumburgeri area surface will have a layer of old leaves, which can absorb water.So in the summer it does not need to water too much, to avoid pots too dry and wet.Watering is usually done in a pot or by dripping, not spraying directly on the plant with a shower spray, which may affect the normal respiration of the plant.


3. Soil selection and basin changing for Conophytumburgeri

Change basin in late summer and early autumn, basin soil requirements loose, breathable, good drainage, with a certain degree of granularity, containing an appropriate amount of limestone. It can be mixed with vermiculite or coarse sand mixing table, and mixed with a small amount of bone powder and other limestone materials.For aesthetics and to prevent plant rot.You can also lay a layer of gravel or ceramicist on the surface of the basin.In recent years, enthusiasts use red jade soil, stone and other materials planting, clean health, not easy to rot, and the effect is very good.Water for a day or two after changing pots to make the roots and soil stick together.The surface river sand can also be replaced to enhance its water permeability.

4. Timely reproduction for Conophytumburgeri

Usually autumn sowing and reproduction are around the middle of September.Of course, if Conophytumburgeri grows well, it can be split in late summer.

Conophytumburgeri is commonly used for seeding, because the seeds are tiny and covered with glass sheets after seeding.Put the pot in the basin with water, make water slowly wet soil from the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin, and seedling stage management also uses this method of watering.The early Conophytumburgeri tend to stumble, their roots bare, and use a toothpick, tweezer or other gadget to cover the exposed roots and hold the plants upright.