Conophytumburgeri profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

Conophytumburgeri profile

Conophytumburgeri is a very attractive small fleshy plant. It’s a shiny plant mellow, glittering and translucent get rid of it appeared, flashing color bulbs like holidays. Like a smooth bright pearl, it is pure and fresh and natural, and elegant, and still can blossom delicate and charming flowers. It is suitable to use small potted plants.

Conophytumburgeri picture


Conophytumburgeri morphological characteristics

Conophytumburgeri is phalloides, conophytum genus succulent plants, plants without stem, generally solitary, occasionally also have double head, even 3, 4 of the cluster plants;Leaves are with hemispherical succulent, single head 2.5 cm to 5 cm in diameter or larger.The skin is bright green, translucent, dormant in summer, and red in a well-lit environment.Flowers are large, mauve red, white in the center, spring or autumn.Flowers usually bloom during sunny days and close at night, but are difficult to bloom in sunny or rainy conditions. 

Conophytumburgeri growth environment

Conophytumburgeri prefers cool, dry and sunny environment, suitable for growth under the condition of large temperature difference between day and night, no tolerance to shade, drought, avoid water, neither cold, but also avoid heat.During the growing period from September to April to May of the next year, the plant can be kept and watered in a sunny place. "do not do not water, but water thoroughly" can be used to avoid flooding, otherwise the cuticle of the planting forest is easy to crack, which will seriously affect the appreciation and appreciation, such as long-term accumulation will cause plant rot.Because the bulb growth and construction is slow, the nutrient requirements are not high. There is no need to fertilize in the cultivation. In winter place Conophytumburgeri in the indoor sunny place, and can be safe in winter under the temperature not less than 5℃. In the summer dormant period it requires good ventilation, to avoid hot sun exposure, control watering, so that the layer of kraft like old skin moisture evaporation, thinning, close to the plant.Druing cultivation, avoid rain, especially long-term rain.


Conophytumburgeri distribution range

Conophytumburgeri is commonly found in South Africa and Namibia, but is used in other countries.

Conophytumburgeri reproductuin methods 

Conophytumburgeri propagation is a commonly used sowing method in the autumn. Because the seeds are small, after sowing we must cover the glass piece. The early Conophytumburgeri tend to stumble, their roots bare, and use a toothpick, tweezer or other gadget to cover the exposed roots and hold the plants upright.