How to grow and care for Wild Sweet William

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to grow and care for Wild Sweet William

Wild Sweet William has single petals, double petals, pale red or white flowers, flowers from June to August. In China, it is widely used in landscaping, as a flower path and flower border background, and planted in forests and hedges. What is the growing method of this beautiful Wild Sweet William? Let's look at the growing method of Wild Sweet William and Wild Sweet William care.

Wild Sweet William

Growing Wild Sweet William

Best growing time: wild sweet william seeding in March to April; Splitting in spring and autumn.  

Best growing soil: Wild Sweet William likes loose, fertile and sandy soil with good permeability;

Growth humidity requirements: commonly used spray water, keep the soil moist;

Optimum growth temperature: Wild Sweet William's optimal growth temperature is 15~22°C. The temperature in winter is maintained at 10~15°C; The temperature of opening spring is maintained at 15~20°C;

Best growing light: Wild Sweet William likes light and is tolerant to shade. It can overwinter in the open field in North China.

Wild Sweet William

Wild Sweet William care

Fertilizer care

Wild Sweet William likes fertilizer, but does not choose fertilizer. In the growing season, thin fertilizer should be applied frequently to meet the requirements of plant growth for nutrients. After spring bud germination, we can apply decayed organic liquid fertilizer, concentration of 1:6, 1:8, 1:12, combined with watering topdressing once a week. Under normal circumstances, stop the flowering period. But Wild Sweet William has a very long flowering period, almost from June to September, there are flowers in succession. So top dressing must be combined with watering, the implementation of muddy water watering flowers. The so-called muddy water watering flowers, in fact, every time watering, in the water appropriate to add a small amount of organic liquid fertilizer, so that the soil is moist and loose, strong fertility, conducive to plant absorption.

Watering care

Wild Sweet William is a kind of flower that likes to be wet. During the whole growing season, the soil must be kept absolutely wet so that the Wild Sweet William can flourish and blossom in bright colors. In spring nutrition growth period and autumn fruit growth period, water once every 2~3 days.The summer temperature is high, the weather is hot, flower friends can water once a day in the evening, if the drought, when necessary, can also be in the morning before 10 o 'clock, with a fine hole watering, let the water moist basin soil again, so that it has enough water absorption. In short, no matter what season, the plant can not appear the situation of lack of water wilting, otherwise the plant not only does not grow well, but also may appear the situation of falling flowers and fruits.

Trimming care

Wild Sweet William in the flower after the plant should be timely pruning, leaving 1/3 of the height. After pruning, we also need to apply fertilizer 2 times (thin organic fertilizer), and in August to September, it can open second flowers. In addition, before the winter, it should be cleared of dead branches and leaves, and apply sufficient base fertilizer and water, in order to safely overwinter.

Propagation care

Wild Sweet William is usually propagated by sowing and splitting.

Sowing propagation: Sowing is carried out in March to April.Sowing is usually done by spreading the seed and covering the soil thinly. The suitable temperature for germination is about 20℃, usually L0 ~ 12 days can germinate. If the seeds are soaked and placed at 2 ~ 5℃ for 1 ~ 2 weeks, the germination rate can be increased. After sowing, we should pay attention to keep the soil moist. When it is slightly dry, we should spray water with a watering can. In case of heavy rain, it should be drained or covered with plastic film in time. 

Splitting propagation: Splitting can be done in spring and autumn.It's mostly done in the fall. Dry the soil properly before planting to reduce root damage. The whole plant is pulled out from the pot, divided into 2 ~ 3 plants, respectively on the pot for planting, and then pouring water, put in the shade, after 1 week into the normal management.

Wild Sweet William care for it having pests

Wild Sweet William generally has few pests and diseases. If aphids and other pests harm, we can spray oxidation dimethoate 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid to prevent and control.

Wild Sweet William