How to grow and care for Red Hot Poker

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

How to grow and care for Red Hot Poker

The Red Hot Poker are graceful, which have a unique landscape effect when they are planted in groups as flower background, flower beds or in patches, and they are also good materials for cut flowers and potted flowers. Therefore, many people want to grow Red Hot Poker. How to grow Red Hot Poker? And how to care for Red Hot Poker when growing it? The following are details of how to grow and care for Red Hot Poker.

Red Hot Poker

Growing Red Hot Poker

When growing Red Hot Poker, choose loose and fertile soil to ensure the permeability of the soil. After the roots of Red Hot Poker are properly pruned, sterilized and disinfected, planted in the soil, watered and covered with a film on the surface of the soil. Move the plant to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, avoid strong sunlight, and make appropriate water supplements. Now let's look at details of growing Red Hot Poker.

1. Soil preparation

Choose loose and fertile soil, ensure the air permeability of soil, and can join siltstone. After soaking the soil with potassium permanganate solution, carry out sterilization treatment, often turn the soil treatment, effectively promoting the absorption of the root. Drainage of the soil during the rainy season to prevent standing water from rotting Red Hot Poker roots.

2. Plant treatment

Choose healthy Red Hot Poker plants, pruning the damaged roots and disinfecting them with carbendazim solution.Trim Red Hot Poker's dead branches and leaves to reduce excess nutrient consumption. Place the plant in a cool, ventilated place and allow the wound to dry.

3. Planting

Plant Red Hot Poker in the soil. Press the soil around the plant with your hand to bring the roots of Red Hot Poker into full contact with the soil. Pouring water to ensure that the soil is in a wet state, you can cover the surface of the soil with a layer of plastic film, doing a good job of cooling and moisture. After the plant is adapted to the environment, water and fertilizer should be supplemented appropriately.

4. Later maintenance

Red Hot Poker is maintained in a cool and ventilated place to ensure air circulation. Avoid strong sunlight, it will cause sunburn of the leaves, and we need to carry out proper shade protection. Do not need too much watering, every watering should be watered thoroughly, avoid water, ensure the alternate dry and wet soil, effectively promote the continuous growth of Red Hot Poker.

Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker care

In the growing process of Red hot poker, how to care for Red hot poker? We need to give its proper light. When the temperature is higher than 32 ℃, we need to give the best sun protection, but also timely watering it. It is ok to keep the soil moist. From August to October, fertilizers must be every half a month. We also need to give the appropriate cutting processing after flowering, and keep the environment ventilation and prevention of diseases. Next let's look at details of Red Hot Poker care.

1. Appropriate lighting

Red Hot Poker is a plant that likes sunshine. During the growing process, it needs to be placed in the sun for maintenance, especially during the flowering period. However, if the temperature of Red Hot Poker during the flowering period is higher than 32℃, it needs to be moved to a semi-cool place for maintenance, and other times it can be placed in the sun for full sunshine.

2. Water and fertilizer management

Usually Red Hot Poker likes to grow in wet soil. In the process of its flowering maintenance, it must be watered in time. Especially in the summer high temperature, it is necessary to water the pot soil, and sprinkle water around the plant.

3. Trim processing

During the flowering period of Red Hot Poker from June to October, how to care for Red Hot Poker? In addition to light and topdressing fertilizer, after flowering, we can give its appropriate pruning treatment. Remove unwanted branches from the plant, especially those that do not produce flowers or that are dead. This reduces the plant's use of soil nutrients and allows it to continue to flower next year. 

4. Pest control

When Red Hot Poker is flowering, if the growth environment is not ventilated, it is easy to be harmed by aphids and other pests, which leads to the premature end of its flowering period, and may even lead to plant wilt and death. At this time, it is necessary to cut off the branches with disease, strengthen its ventilation management, and spray the corresponding agents for prevention and control.

Red Hot Poker care