How to grow and care for Pentas Lanceolata

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

How to grow and care for Pentas Lanceolata

Pentas Lanceolata, commonly known as Egyptian starcluster, usually has dozens of clusters, very beautiful star flowers, native to tropical Africa, perennial herbaceous flowers. The artificial cultivation is not difficult and the variety of flowers long suitable for growing. The following are details of growing and caring for Pentas Lanceolata.

Pentas Lanceolata 

Growing Pentas Lanceolata 

When growing Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster) , the temperature is very important. The temperature is maintained at about 23℃ in the day and about 17℃ in the night, providing sufficient light, watering with several small methods. The water temperature should not be too low. Apply liquid fertilizer once a week during its growing period. Make soil from a mixture of sand and peat. Take care to trim and change pots. The following are details of how to grow pentas Lanceolata.

1.The temperature

When growing pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster), keep it warm. During the day, the temperature is best between 20 and 25℃, and at night, between 16 and 18℃. The highest temperature should not exceed 30℃ and the lowest temperature should not fall below 10℃, otherwise the flowers of pentas lanceolata will wither.

2. Light

When growing Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster), illumination is very important. Sufficient illumination can promote the growth of Pentas Lanceolata.In breeding, as much as possible to let it under the light, even in the winter, we also need to bask in the sun. When the sun is too strong, pay attention to the shade.

3. Water

Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster) is relatively drought resistant and should not be watered too much when growing Pentas Lanceolata. Several small amounts of water can be used to water the soil when it is dry without water accumulation. When watering, also pay attention to the temperature of the water is not too low, and the temperature of the soil is almost ok.

4. Fertilization

The growth of Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster) needs fertilizer. Generally speaking, every half a month or so apply a ripe liquid fertilizer. In its growing period, it needs to give it a weekly liquid fertilizer, and can also use 1000 times the flowering essence of aqueous solution.

Pentas Lanceolata 

5. Soil

Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster) likes fertile and loose soil. It can be made by mixing sand and peat, adding some basal fertilizers appropriately. Meanwhile, it should pay attention to prevent soil adhesion and keep soil breathable.

How to care for Pentas Lanceolata

1. Pay attention to pruning

When caring for Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster), do not forget the pruning. After the flowering of Pentas Lanceolata, we must remove the remaining flowers in time to prevent them from competing for nutrients. During the growth of Pentas Lanceolata, the diseased branches and old branches should be pruned in time so that the Pentas lanceolata can grow more healthily.

2.Pay attention to the basin

When growing Pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster), changing pots is also important. In general, the need for about 2 years for a basin, to ensure that the growth space of Pentas Lanceolata adequate. Pay attention to the basin,  do not hurt its roots. At the same time, often lose the soil.

Pentas Lanceolata