How to grow and care for Pachystachys lutea

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

How to grow and care for Pachystachys lutea

Water Pachystachys Lutea ( golden shrimp plant) every 1 to 2 days in spring and autumn, fertilizer every about 2 weeks, usually for its full sunshine maintenance. In summer, apply half overcast maintenance, but also keep the temperature between 20 ~ 28℃, timely pruning branches and leaves, and do a good job in the prevention and control pests. Pay attention to half moon loose soil once, change basin once a year, but also maintain good ventilation. The following are details of growing and caring for Pachystachys Lutea.

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Growing Pachystachys Lutea

1. Proper amount of water and fertilizer

Water pachystachys Lutea every 1 to 2 days in spring and autumn, and water once a day until the temperature is rising, but also from time to time for leaf sprinkling, and fertilize  Water Pachystachys in the growing period of about 2 weeks fertilizer, pay attention to apply thin organic fertilizer, do not splash it on the leaves.

2. Illumination temperature

When growing Pachystachys Lutea, it can receive full sunshine, but the summer light is very easy to cause sunburn on the leaves. We should apply half shade maintenance, usually also have to keep the growth temperature of pachystachys lutea between 20 ~ 28℃, do not appear more than 30℃ high temperature and low temperature environment below 10℃, which will make its growth affected.

3. Pruning and pest control

When growing Pachystachys Lutea, timely pruning branches and leaves, cut off dense or yellow branches, and also carry out effective governance to harm the health of Pachystachys Lutea diseases and pests, spraying liquid so that it is difficult to continue to harm Pachystachys Lutea, Pachystachys Lutea can keep healthy growth.

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Caring for Pachystachys Lutea 

1. Loosen the soil and change the basin

Pay attention to half a month on the need to loosen its growth of the soil, so as not to appear the hardening situation, but also in the spring of each year to change the basin, replace the 5:3:1:1 preparation of leaf rot soil, garden soil, river sand and decayed organic fertilizer mixed soil, so that it can grow better.

2. Increase ventilation

In the normal growing process of Pachystachys Lutea, also pay attention to not put Pachystachys Lutea in the stuffy room with poor ventilation. It is easy to make the phenomenon of poor growth, and may also lead to bacteria in the harsh environment, so that Pachystachys Lutea can not grow normally.

Pachystachys Lutea