How to grow and care for of Winter honeysuckle

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to grow and care for of Winter honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle, also known as Lonicera fragrantissim, is not commonly grown. But if you are looking for a shrub with winter interest in terms of scent, this Winter Honeysuckle is very sweetly scented.  In fact, winter Honeysuckle is considered one of the most scented of our garden plants.

It will grow in full sun and semi shade. When planting Winter Honeysuckle to enjoy the perfume  it is often best near a back door or a path, where the scent can be enjoyed as in winter we may not stray so far out into the garden. The following is the growing methods and caring tips of Winter Honeysuckle.

Winter Honeysuckle

How to grow Winter Honeysuckle

Soil environment of Winter Honeysuckle 

Winter Honeysuckle can be cultivated in a ventilated sunny place, also can be cultivated in a semi-shade place, with moist, fertile, deep soil layer, good drainage sandy loam is appropriate. Winter Honeysuckle can tolerate some salt and alkali and is suitable for growth in mildly alkaline soil.

Planting for Winter Honeysuckle 

Winter Honeysuckle is suitable for early spring and late autumn dormant periods, in the saline and alkaline lands of North China. Winter Honeysuckle planting was suitable from October before soil freezing in autumn to February of the following year. Small seedlings generally need to live with soil, and large seedlings should bring mud balls with a high survival rate. The hole is 40-1250px wide and 30-1000px deep. Each plant was treated with 10kg organic fertilizer and 1kg diammonium phosphate as base fertilizer. After planting, a layer of fine soil was covered, and the root water was stamped and watered thoroughly. Water it once every 7-10 days and water it three times in a row to ensure the transplant is alive.

Fertilizing and watering for Winter Honeysuckle

Fertilize twice a year during the growth period, and apply accelerating bud fertilizer before spring flowering the first time. Each plant can be applied with 80-100g diammonium phosphate and 30-40g urea. Immediately after fertilization, water can be poured once permeable. The second topdressing was applied in early winter, with 10kg of organic fertilizer per plant and 15g of urea per plant in the middle. Winter Honeysuckle roots are highly absorbent and thrive in dry conditions. In the spring germinating, watering 1-2 times, after the autumn watering once frozen water. Keep the soil moist during the growing season and prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Pruning Winter Honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle is with strong tillering ability. After falling leaves in autumn, it is necessary to restrain closely packed branches to promote ventilation and light transmission and increase the number of flowers. It is necessary to cut the trees lightly and thinly, while the old and weak trees need to be cut heavily in order to restore the tree potential as soon as possible. Due to the droop of the ends of the branches, the direction of buds should be paid attention to in order to make the crown symmetrical during pruning. 

Winter Honeysuckle

How to care for Winter Honeysuckle

Pathogens: Winter Honeysuckle diseases mainly include anthrax and powdery mildew. At the beginning of the disease, it can be immediately sprayed with 25%powder rust wettable powder 1500-2000 times liquid or 70% methyl tobujin wettable powder 800-1000 times liquid or 50% fungus wettable powder 800-1000 times liquid etc., sprayed once every 7-10 days or 3-4 times continuously.

Insect pests: Winter Honeysuckle mainly includes moths and aphids. For the small demoiselle moth, spray Bt wetting powder with a content of 16000IU/mg 500-700 times solution, or 1.2% bituminous emulsion 800-1000 times solution, or 25% imurea suspension 1500-2000 times solution, 20% meter full suspension 1500-2000 times solution, etc. For aphids, can spray 1.2% acanthopanax oil 800-1000 times liquid, or 6% imidacloprid oil 3000-4000 times liquid, or 5% acamidine oil 5000-6000 times liquid and so on one of them. Pay attention to drug safety when spraying.

Winter Honeysuckle

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