How to grow and care for Maidenhair trees

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to grow and care for Maidenhair trees

Maidenhair trees is an ancient relic plant among existing seed plants. It takes more than twenty years from planting to producing fruit, and it takes forty years to produce a lot of fruit and live to be over a thousand years old. Maidenhair trees is a deciduous tree that blooms in May and ripens in October. Maidenhair trees biloba was originally found throughout the area, and after the quaternary glaciers, it was only preserved in the subtropical mountains of China. Maidenhair trees are mostly cultivated in China, France and South Carolina, USA. How to grow and care for Maidenhair trees? Here are growing and caring tips of Maidenhair trees.

Maidenhair trees

How to grow Maidenhair trees

1. Seed selection

When planting seeds, the fruits of Maidenhair tree whose growth time is about 80 years should be selected, and the fine fruits with no damage and full grain size should be selected as seeds, so as to avoid the seed with dark damage affecting the growth and the appearance of growth weakness, leading to the phenomenon of low survival rate.

2. Seed treatment

Planting planting should be handled in different seasons, autumn planting to remove the seeds of the outer skin, after the seeds with the peel of the sun after planting; When planting in spring, the seeds should be soaked in warm water with the temperature between 20 ℃ and 23℃ for about 2 ~ 3 days, then taken out and put in the sand for accelerating germination, waiting for the next step.

3. Plant the soil

The seed planting soil should be sandy micro acidic soil with good air permeability, good drainage and rich nutrients as the base bed. The soil can be mixed with river sand, leaf rot soil and lime soil in a suitable ratio of 4:3:3 to promote seed germination and healthy growth.

4. Sowing management

When Maidenhair tree seeds are sown, a pit should be dug every 3 ~ 4cm in the soil, 1 ~ 2 seeds can be dropped into each pit, then the soil can be filled and compacted, and the seeds can germinate after about 20 days. After the seedlings have grown, two to three times of weeding should be carried out, one time in the germination period, one time in the growth period and one time in the setting period, so as to avoid the excessive growth of weeds and the consumption of unnecessary nutrients affecting the plant growth.

Maidenhair trees

How to care for Maidenhair trees yellowing and withered

The Maidenhair tree leaves became yellow and withered, it may be that metabolic. Don't need to worry about this normal phenomenon. If under the strong light exposure, it also can make the Maidenhair tree leaves become yellow and need to move to a cool environment.

1. Natural phenomena

If the branches and leaves of Maidenhair tree begin to turn yellow and gradually fall off in autumn, it is a very normal phenomenon that Maidenhair tree is metabolizing, so there is no need to worry too much. At this time, it needs to be placed in the sun, and it needs to be timely fertilized and cultivated.

2. Light

Maidenhair tree is a plant that likes sunshine. However, under strong sunlight, its branches and leaves will turn yellow and wither, or even wither and die. It is necessary to immediately cut off the branches and leaves that have been burned by strong light, and then transfer them to a cool place for breeding.

3. Water and fertilizer

Maidenhair tree has strict requirements on water and fertilizer management. If improper water and fertilizer are given to it, the root will rot, resulting in yellow and withered leaves. The rotting part of Maidenhair tree needs to be cut off, and new soil should be replaced for cultivation.

4. Pests and diseases

When a Maidenhair tree is accidentally harmed by diseases and insects in the process of growing, its branches and leaves will also become yellow and wither, or even become more serious. It needs to be transferred to a ventilated environment and sprayed with corresponding pest and insect agents.

Maidenhair trees